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The first of our fruit has ripened! Beautiful ripe, juicy Nectarines are hanging on our tree. We also have peaches and plums, not yet ripe but they are still growing nicely and our apricots are turning yellow. Our raspberries are also fruiting at the moment and the children love running down to the bottom of the garden and searching for the bright red berries amongst the green leaves.

The new fruit trees that we have planted recently are naartjies, litchis, pomegranate and pears. The litchis are already growing on the trees and I am so excited to see if they grow into wonderful fruit, this being their first year of fruiting. We have also been re-doing our compost heaps, we have built 3 large heaps for now and will continue adding grass cuttings and straw from the chicken and rabbit enclosures and veggie scraps. I was also wondering about diatomaceous earth for the compost heap, I have never added this before, but now I am considering it. Any information would be greatly appreciated:)

Our worms are also doing really well, and I must dilute the worm tea and add it to our new seedlings of tomatoes (Bella Rosa and Coeur de Boeuf) and a new lettuce mix, all organic. We are also saving seeds this year for next years planting.

The rain has been pouring down finally after weeks of really hot weather, our garden is GREEN! So wonderful to see at last…
I am filled with gratitude for our vegetable garden and fruit trees…
Take care

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