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The Flamingos Have Arrived

The Flamingos have arrived at our pan down the road. They are on their way to their breeding grounds and have just stopping over here for a brief period. They are so majestic, I just had to share them here…

I really appreciate this water pan we have so close to our home, it is a beautiful area, bustling with plenty of bird life, feral cats and lovely plant species. We live one street up from the houses you see in this photo above and it takes us about 10 minutes to walk down in the afternoons. The distance around is 2.5 km and this makes for a good walk.

I remember one evening a few years ago, Richard and I were sitting outside on the veranda. There was a full moon, we were just talking and then the next minute there was a strange ‘whooshing’ sound above us. We both looked up and were amazed by what we saw… Hundreds of flamingos were flying overhead, they were flying to our pan down the road. I will never forget that sight…

Have a wonderful week.

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