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Natural Orange Peel Firelighters, Recycling

A few months ago my hubby, Richard gifted me with an amazing book called A Farm in my Heart¬†such a fantastic book in every way… In this book they spoke about making natural firelighters from orange peels and we decided to make some. We juice so many oranges each day so this is a perfect way to recycle these peelings. When we juice oranges it is easier to just cut them in half and juice manually. Remove as much of the left over pulp as you can after you are finished juicing. I just lined all the halves up on our window box and let the sun do its magic for a few weeks. When they were sufficiently dry and hard, so that no more moisture was evident, I put the halves into the empty orange bags and hung these outside for a few days. We are using them now to light our fires and they give off a heavenly citrusy perfume when they are burning. It is really cold here in the Southern Hemisphere at the moment, I am definately looking forward to Spring…
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