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WIP Wednesday

I started knitting this cardigan for Erin a few months ago. I was going to knit according to a pattern, but then I just went off happily experimenting to see how far I would get just using measurements. I was knitting along and then I realised that I had no idea how I was going to work out the top of the cardigan, ie the armholes, neckline etc… so the project ended up sitting on the piano for quite some time… The other day Erin mentioned how excited she was that she would be getting this cardigan for her birthday. (As you can imagine, shock and horror took over, I had to finish her cardigan, her birthday is on Friday and she is expecting to see it on Friday morning!) So I went and found the aforesaid cardigan on the piano and had a good look at it, I figured that if I worked according to Erin’s measurements all SHOULD work out just fine. I managed to finish up to the armholes and then I continued knitting both of the fronts separately and then finished off the back. I have sewn the shoulders together and picked up the stitches for the sleeve, knitted in the round and decreased the sleeve on the way down to the cuff. All seems to be working out well, I just have one more sleeve to go and then I will be finished! So I have tonight and tomorrow to knit the second sleeve and sew on the buttons, this project is such fun! Wish me luck! 

I am really enjoying the colour variations of this knit, I am knitting in a handspun ply, it is a wonderful organic, natural, undyed Merino wool. It’s incredibly warm and Jen and Caiden both want one for winter too! It really is a simple knit and I am actually looking forward to knitting more of them…

Wishing you all an inspired day! xo xo


Cardigan Update:
I am so thrilled to say that I finished the cardigan yesterday and I have sewen on the buttons! I truly loved knitting this project and now everyone in our family wants one, including myself for winter:) I am so looking forward to knitting each and every one. I will post photos soon with the pattern notes that I wrote down while knitting it.
xo xo

A Winter Cardigan for Erin…

I have been knitting… I am enjoying this project soooo much!
I am knitting items of clothing for our family in preparation for winter, which seems to be approaching rather swiftly here in South Africa. Our leaves are already yellowing and falling from our trees, I thought I was just imagining it and then Jenna mentioned that it seemed like Autumn, well I think she is right:) So anyway, back to the items of clothing, as I already mentioned on Saturday Caiden has asked for a cardigan in moss green with the brown flecks and while I am busy dyeing up the yarn for that, I thought I would make a start on Erin’s choice. She has requested a long cardigan in thick chunky yarn. She went into the wool cupboard and chose this in the photo below. I am so excited to be knitting in this wool!! It comes from my friend’s farm in the Cape, she has a flock of organic sheep that are only sheared once a year, the fleece is sheared, washed, spun up transformed into the most beautiful, warm, exceptionally soft and tremendously amazing wool! I just love the natural varigation of colours, just look how it knits up, reminds me of chocolate… I am knitting this cardigan according to Erin’s measurements, which I am holding thumbs, will work out and it is also based on the Libby pattern. However, instead of knitting it all separately, I have decided to knit the back and front sides all in one on circular needles, using them as straights with a nice long cord.
I can’t believe how fast this is knitting up, but I am knitting on size 8mm needles and so I hope to be finished early next week… by then Caiden’s yarn should be ready and I can start on his cardigan…!!
Oh knitting bliss… I seem to need something to knit in my hands each day, to create from scratch… how it fulfills my soul…
What wonderful knitting goodness are you busy knitting at the moment?
Wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s Day:) xo


Erin’s First Play!

We have had so much excitement around our home for the last three weeks. Erin has taken part in her first play at our town hall. The cast has been rehersing 3 nights per week for the past 3 months, we have been putting together costumes etc…  They have just finished their last performance this weekend and it was wonderful. The play was called ‘Jungle Tales’ and was adapted from the ‘The Jungle Book’ by Rudyard Kipling. Erin was one of the monkeys in the play. It has been so wonderful to watch her flourish on the stage. At first she wasn’t sure if she wanted to take part and now she loves acting and cannot wait for the next production! Her confidence has soared and we are very proud of her! Well done my love!

Happy day to you all,

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