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Homemade spindles

We have been doing so much weaving and sewing etc… because Erin is busy with her Farming block. Jenna decided that she wanted to make a drop spindle. She made this one herself from a download on the internet about how to make a drop spindle from a dowel and an old cd. She did this all herself and then started spinning! Wow, I was amazed.

These are the two balls of wool that Jenna has hand spun on her spindle. I have started knitting a sheep from the one. This is absolutely amazing, to see my children busy with this ancient art, it’s wonderful!
Here is a web site that explains how to make a spindle from a cd and a dowel:

A Week of Weaving

Caiden’s completed weaving for Dad for Father’s Day

Erin is busy with her Farming Block for grade three and part of the practical work is weaving. Caiden and Jenna have been inspired to weave as well. Jenna has woven a little carpet for our gnome home and Caiden is weaving a rainbow for Dad for father’s day on cardboard.

How to make a simple loom from cardboard:


1 piece of thick cardboard 20cm by 30cm
wool to weave around the cardboard
different colour wool to weave with
1 blunt wool needle with a large eye
pencil to move your wool down after each row

Take your cardboard and cut little 1cm slits along both edges of the short sides of your board, make sure that they are cut opposite each other so that when you wind your wool around to make the strings, they line up. Tie your wool/string on to the card and wind around and around until you have gone around your whole board. Then you can thread your needle and start weaving in and out the strands. Just remember when you come to the edge of a row to go around your last string and then look at your lines before and go the opposite way. If you went over before now you go under. Just keep alternating your rows and you’ll end up with a lovely pattern. When you want to change colours, just weave to the end of the row leaving some wool, cut the old colour and tie on the new one and off you go. Also remember to move your work down at the end of each row or two or you will get gaps. You can use a pencil for this. When you are finished weaving you can cut your strings. Cut them quite far away from the weaving and then take two strings and tie a knot. Keep moving along tying two strings all along until you are finished. Enjoy!


Erin’s Hat

This is Erin’s special woollen hat that I knitted for her while we were on holiday on the most beautiful game farm. It was her birthday in April and because I have been knitting hats for a few people, for their birthdays, she really wanted me to knit her one. This is her design, I knitted it with dyed handspun Merino wool, so it will be lovely and warm.


Mr Ellie by Erin

This is Erin’s first big knitting project, I only helped her here and there. She is now casting on and off, decreasing and increasing herself and sewing up her own work. She is doing well. Her next project is going to be a teddy bear with a jersey. We went and bought the wool today. Jenna is knitting slippers for everyone in our family, yay!
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