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Felt Christmas Tree Tutorial

The girls and I decided to make some felt Christmas trees and we have put a little tutorial together for you:) Jenna designed the templates and cut them out for us. These little trees look so sweet on the mantelpiece or you could attach a loop at the top of the tree and turn it into a Christmas tree decoration to hang on your tree… They are also awesome pin cushions for the festive season…

Cardboard Templates, large triangle and small triangle for base (we just recycled some old boxes for this)
Embroidery cotton
Sewing needle
Felting needle
Colourful felt

Dimensions for triangles:
Large triangle: 5 inches tall, base 3 inches.
Small triangle: 3 inches on each side.

Cut out your templates from cardboard, one large one for the three sides and one small one for the base of your tree. Place your template on your felt and mark out three triangles for the sides. Mark out one small triangle of the base. Cut out your felt triangles and start sewing them together as seen in the photo below. We have used  blanket stitch to sew up our trees, blanket stitch is so pretty and you could use a bright thread to make it stand out.

Once you have sewn up all the sides, fill with fleece and sew on the base of your tree. They are so quick and easy to make and really look effective standing together in a row.

 These three above were made by Jenna.

Erin attached a star and needlefelted some decorations onto hers as well as sewing her blanket stitch in a bright colour for extra effect…


Wonderful Days…

The last few days have been wonderful family filled days… The children have been spending plenty of time in the pool swimming… We shared a candle lit Summer Solstice supper with friends… Many lovely hours of Christmas day preparations… And enjoying Christmas Day together with family…. I also managed to fit in processing all my newly harvested peaches into chutney. I have frozen quite a few bottles of it and the rest I have gifted to family… Tomorrow is my dad’s 81st birthday and we will be celebrating with him…
Wishing you all precious holidays together…

How To Make a God’s Eye Woven Christmas Ornament

Today we are making God’s Eye or Ojo De Dios Ornaments. It is such fun and they look so pretty when they are finished.
I took 2 sticks from our garden outside and tied them with some sheep wool securely.
With some brightly coloured handspun Merino yarn, I start to wind around the twigs and all the rainbow colours in the wool start to show, making a pretty pattern. Continue going around and around until your sticks are almost full of wool, then tie off and make a loop to hang your ornament.


2 sticks to make a cross
yarn to tie your sticks
colourful yarn
beads (optional)

They do look lovely on a Christmas tree or just as pretty ornaments. Adding beads would also give it a creative flair:)

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