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It has been a quiet day today, I love these days when everyone is busy around the house. It has been really cold here again today and we even had some rain, which is really out of character for our usually dry winter weather. This is a photo from our front yard.

I have been spinning more and more and I must say, I really enjoy it! The bug has bitten Jen now and first thing this morning she was spinning. She has learn’t so fast and here she is spinning away. She spun about 100 grams this morning! Jen and I will have to work out a spinning schedule, LOL…
I spun this last night, it was a varigated roving that I plyed with some Icelandic sheep wool, Have no idea what I will knit with this, any suggestions? Maby a squirrel?

I am busy knitting up my natural Merino that I spun and plyed yesterday into a shabby chic donkey, this is so exciting, my very first knitted toy in the wool I spun…

This is the area where our rabbits live, we have been fixing it up over the last week, planting plants and putting up wooden fencing. We built this little stream so that the boys could float their boats that they make from leaves.

Our chickens have all moved into a new wooden home that we had made for them this week, yesterday we fenced off a run for them and it has all turned out rather nicely. Now they are cozy and warm for the winter. The white one sitting on the fence is called Bumbles, and further down is Marigold, yes, they all have names… sweet hey…

Our chickens also range freely around the front garden most days, but at night they will stay in their house and chicken run.

A quick easy meal:

We call these pretzels, great for a Saturday lunch or evening meal:

Brown bread, toasted

Lightly butter your toast,

Slice tomoatoes and place on your brown bread,

Grate cheese over your tomatoes,

Sprinkle some fresh Bazil on the cheese,

Add salt to taste,

Place on a baking tray and grill until cheese has melted, really yummy!

Have a great week and remember, if you would like to enter the sock wool giveaway, just leave a comment on my previous blog post too.



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