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Planting, Dyeing, Baking, Knitting etc…

This little flower pot used to be filled with spinach and various bulbs, I thought a change would be nice so we planted the pot with two different varieties of lavender, I think Charlie approves… (Photo taken with Instagram)

Now for some early morning baking with Kye…

I just used a simple butter biscuit recipe and we made 1 kg of dough into plenty of little shapes. I decided to bake in bulk and freeze into rolls whatever was left, but we baked it all. I have plenty for our family and have given some away as gifts already… I love to eat a biscuit with my tea don’t you?

That onion dye bath dyed up quite a few skeins of wool, this is the last one drying, it is a super wash Merino and I am going to knit a cowl with it.

Can you spot the colour variations, the skein on the right was done in an exhaust onion bath, that’s why it’s so light, I am really happy with the colour.

I knitted up Henry the Camel over the weekend, thank you all so much for the name suggestions. We have called him Henry because when Richard was travelling through Egypt quite a few years ago, he bought a beautiful wooden, carved camel and named him’Henry’. This time spent overseas was a special time in his life and I wanted to honour that, so ‘Henry’ he is.

Henry will also be available in the E-Book, ‘Knitted Animals from Africa’ that will be published soon. Just a hippo and I think a snake to go and please I am open to suggestions, if there is an African animal you would like to see in the book, please post your suggestions in the comments for me:)

Enjoy your week!

PS If you haven’t entered the wonderful Armadillo Dreams giveaway yet, it is still open.



It has been the busiest of weekends, Jenna, Erin and Caiden had a Sea Scout and Cub canoe polo match on Sunday and went to practice on Friday night and Saturday. Caiden scored two goals, the seniors came first the juniors came second, so wonderful! I managed to also do some book work on Sunday and designed a pattern for a South African Meerkat. This pattern will be going into my book, I am enjoying the book writing process very much:)

Erin has been making seed pictures with cold glue and various seeds. She just drew a picture on a piece of card, drew over the pencil with cold glue and added various seeds, she loved doing this.

I have been trying to add the ’embedded comments’ feature to my blog so that I can reply to everyones’ comments as they come in, I have managed to add this by changing comments to ’embedded comments’ on Blogger, but when I click on ‘reply’ to comment, nothing happens. I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced this and perhaps added an ‘html’ code to make it magically work? If you did and succeeded, oh please, please could you let me know how, I have been trying to figure out what to do, but alas, no luck yet…

Thank you so much to everyone for their help, the ‘reply’ commenting is working! Just wonderful!



Hi everyone, I hope you are having a great day so far! It is a wonderfully warm here in South Africa today, we have finished with our schooling for this morning, Erin has just started The Middle Ages, Jen is busy with Biology and Caiden is finishing off the Norse Myths. I also went clothes shopping with Jen this morning which was great mom and daughter fun:)

Ahhh, I had to post a photo of this antique basket, I LOVE old baskets!! Whenever I see one for sale somewhere, I have to convince myself why I really don’t need it. (This doesn’t always work though, mind you). This particular one was given to me by my mom, she has had it since she was young, it is so beautiful and perfect for knitting projects. They fit in so neatly. I still need to make some fabric lining for it, but for now it just has a piece of calico for a liner.

I am so excited, I have been saying for months that I want to learn to crochet, I really like the look of it and it does seem to go quite fast once you get going. Well… finally today of all days, I sat down, crochet hook in hand and watched some tutorials here and off I went… I have been practicing the double crochet today and I love it! (Wow, who knew?)

So now for what is inside the basket……

This is what I have been doing for the last few hours, I am completely and utterly hooked, (excuse the pun!) I am making a cotton wash cloth! Yay. I really am enjoying the colour too. I bought this cotton here. I know this might seem like drastic over-excitement on my part for all those who crochet out there, but for me who has only ever knitted, this is Awesome! 🙂 I will start with these little cloths and then who knows….
Have you learned any new techniques lately? If you have, I would love to hear about them, feel free to leave a link:)
Some other great news is that I have finally finished my book proposal, it has taken me quite some time, but this week I sat down and finished it. Tomorrow it goes off to the printers to be printed and bound and then I will post it off to the publishers!
I am off to crochet, (I will have to get used to saying that…)
Take care:)


WIP Wednesday

We had a lovely birthday for Kye yesterday, thanks for all the birthday wishes:) This morning I went off to knitting group which is always wonderful, I managed to finish off so many goodies that I have been working on. I have been fairly busy with my Easter orders that have started to come in over the last few days. I have also been spinning up BFL silk, oh my goodness! I love it, so soft and smooth to spin, just amazing! OOOh, before I forget, Kelly and Dawn have started a fantastic new spinning blog called Spinspiration, do pop over and have a look, I am very excited about it:) I have also been busy reading Tonya’s fabulous newsletter that is sent out seasonally, it truly is beautiful, it is filled with stories, recipes and seasonal inspiration and best of all… it is handwritten and posted off in the mail, when it arrives in my post box I can’t wait to read it with a cup of hot tea nearby. If you haven’t visited Tonya’s blog yet, it is called Plain and Joyful Living.

I know this is a little self indulgent, but I really wanted to share here that my Arum Lily has been published in the new Stitches magazine! Thank you Stitches:)
I have also been working on my book and really enjoying the process I am going to start dedicating time each day to writing my book, I think this will be easier than trying to fit in a moment here or there.
What WIPs are you busy with at the moment?

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