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Our Week

This week we all learned how to crochet, I am so thrilled because I have always wanted to learn. This is a centrepiece that Jenna crocheted this week for our dining room table.

We were wondering where our chickens were laying their eggs and to our great surprise, when we were out in the garden we discovered that they were laying them right outside our front door in the grasses in our flower bed! What a find….

Kye has had flu this week, so he has not been feeling too well as you can see from the photo, but he made his own bunny out of clay, all by himself…

This is a Hadeda mommy and her baby sitting on our roof, we have so many Hadeda’s in our garden….

This is our Pin Oak Tree in our back yard. It is so beautiful and as you can see, in full Autumn / Fall dress….

I just love these Gooseberries, when their Capes become fragile like this, they look quite beautiful… We have quite a few that are ripe at the moment…. yummy…

Some of the indigenous plants flowering in our garden at the moment, we are nearing winter, the chill in the air in the early mornings is crisp and cold…

We also all worked in the vegetable garden this week, putting new compost into all the veggie beds so we can start our winter planting…. even the chickens were turning the compost…

And most important of all it was our dear Erin’s 10th Birthday this week, she had a wonderful day and here she is opening up her present I bought for her which is a knitted slug that she loved, he is beautiful. I will blogg him and the Etsy shop he came from in my next post….
Have a wonderful weekend everyone….Oh yes and please leave a comment, we would love to hear from all of you….

Happy 80th Birthday Dad

Happy 80th Birthday Dad! We had a wonderful time celebrating your special day with you today and may you have many, many more birthdays like today!


Today is my Birthday!

Yip today is my birthday, but the reason for this post is not to advertise that fact, but rather to express how deeply blessed I am as a Waldorf homeschooling mother. Birthdays are very special in our family, each child has a beautiful table arranged with their presents, flowers, gemstones and a candle and a crown that I have hand sewn. It is a very special time indeed!

When I awoke this morning, I was astonished to see, that I too had been given a special birthday table by my children, with orchids in a vase, cards that they had made themselves and gift bags, with lovely gifts from all of them! Erin even spent the whole of yesterday afternoon sewing me my very own birthday crown! I had no idea! I will always cherish this great surprise that I received this morning, that was completely the childrens’ idea with absolutely no help. I feel very blessed indeed! Thank you my little angels!
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