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Handwork and Sparrows

We have really been enjoying a great amount of outside handwork lately, Erin has been working on her crochet blanket and Jenna has started knitting a pair of rainbow socks, she is very happy as the pattern is for a flat pair knitted on two needles. The colours are really knitting up beautifully:)  Today, while sitting on our quilt outside, both of my girls thanked me for homeschooling them, saying how much they enjoyed learning at home and for teaching them how to knit and crochet… Well… as you can imagine, my heart almost burst! I feel so very blessed that we are on this path, I am filled with such gratitude… when we started homeschooling, we were quite daunted by the idea, but now I know that we are on the journey that was meant for us…

Such an amazing book for knitting, dyeing…

This is my work basket, I bought it at Beaver Creek Farm, a coffee plantation, last year when we visited the coast, I love it, it’s so compact and small but huge inside, if that makes any sense.

While we were outside today Erin put some Merino roving in our Fever tree for the birds…. well within minutes the sparrows had descended and were all taking little pieces of roving for their nests… This was truly magical to watch…

Not the greatest photo I know but I really had to take it in a hurry, these are really fast little birds.

Aaaah but when we looked up later, there in the Sparrow nest, was a cloud of white fleece, this made our hearts burst with joy!


Portrait Sunday and a small Giveaway

Thanks so much to everyone who left such lovely comments regarding the owl pattern in the previous post:) Today I have been taking photos of some of the birdlife in our garden and I am also having a small giveaway at the end of this post.
Just look at these girls digging out our barrels… they are so special:)

Our resident Masked Weaver building a new nest.

Black Collared Barbet feeding on the bird feeder…

My new handspun, it is a Superwash Merino Yarn, I bought the roving from Nurturing Fibres on Etsy and I really enjoyed spinning it up.

I am offering this lovely rainbow superwash Merino handspun yarn as a giveaway:) To enter just leave a comment. The giveaway winner will be announced on Wednesday in this blog post. You may enter once each day for the giveaway until Wednesady if you wish:)

Wishing everyone a wonderful week xo Linda

dayswithdaniel said…
I love it! Just gorgeous. Wish I could spin. x

Congratulations! Please would you email me your postal details:)


Our Lovely Lake

Just a few turns of the road from where we live is this beautiful bird sanctuary. It is such a wonderful area to go for a walk. There are so many different varieties of local birds that live and migrate to and from here each year. It has also been a venu for amazing learning experiences for our children, looking up birds in our bird guide and discovering how they build their nests, what they eat and studying their behaviour.

In the foreground of the photo you will notice Egyptian Geese and a little further in, a white Spoonbill, the black birds in the distance are called Coots. The Coots are so sweet as they build their nests right on the water and lay down sticks on the floor of the lake until they reach the surface, where they make a platform to lay their eggs and raise their young.

Jen, Erin and Kye playing on a tree stump… 


Discovering seeds…

This was such an amazing sight, this Grey Heron, flew in with a bullfrog in his beak for a snack…

A Coot on her nest of reeds on the water…

Hadeda Ibis and a Grey Heron sitting on the branches overlooking their sancturay…

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