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I was quietly sitting in my studio, working on my computer when I heard this commotion outside on the bird feeder. When I looked outside, I saw a male Red Bishop feeding his baby seed! Luckily, my camera was right behind me on the desk, I grabbed it and waited for the right shot. I don’t know about you, but when I wait for the right moment to take a photo, I get almost nervous… I really don’t want to miss the perfect shot, sometimes I almost feel as if my hand is shaking from excitement and then I press that button on my camera… and how amazing it feels when there it is… Today was kind of like that with these two birds.
 I’m not sure at all but isn’t it unusual for the male to be feeding his young? I have seen him in the garden over the last few days with his little one. It’s too gorgeous, really, he follows this young Bishop all over and the minute another bird comes near, he puffs up his chest so much, makes a tremendous noise and swoops down on them, chasing them away!
I am so happy I was able to capture him feeding seed to this little one whose wings kept flapping so furiously and tweeting at the same time as if to say, “Hurry up dad, I’m hungry!!” The male would fill up his beak with seed and then feed it all to his little one, a precious moment indeed!
And then this Grey Lourie arrived on the scene, spread out his wings and all bird life cleared the area.

I just want to thank everyone who wrote to me about the ’embedded comments’ on my blog, magically when I did my next post, the button started to work, I am so happy about this, now I can reply to your comments as they are posted 🙂

My hubby is off to London tonight until Saturday for business, we have never been apart this long, I am going to miss him tremendously….


Garden Visitors

We have had the sweetest visitors in our garden today.
Red Headed Finches with their whole family.

Mama and baby:)

I love that they stop by here for a bite to eat.

Hope you are having a peaceful day



We have had a wonderfully busy day today, which included a visit to the post office, a grocery shop and an old friend popped in for tea, which was lovely. This morning I wound wool into balls to send off to someone, their shape reminds me of mango pips…

We had to make a new batch of laundry soap for the washing machine… It is amazing and this whole batch of 11 litres only cost me R 16.00 to make which is about $ 2.00! You can find the recipe on Rhonda’s blog. It’s so nice to walk past the laundry section in the grocery store and know that I don’t need to buy any expensive soap that is full of chemicals…

Today while the girls were outside in the garden with their friend, they noticed two White Eye birds frantically flying around looking for something. Finally, they discovered a little baby White Eye bird on the ground. We didn’t know what to do so we decided to take the little wooden bird house that Caiden made and put it up in the tree near where the nest could possibly have been. Then we put him in the house and waited to see what would happened next.


Isn’t he just gorgeous??

His mommy found him and started to bring him food, it was the sweetest moment… it was beautiful…

See you all tomorrow for Creative Friday.


All is Well…

Everything is finally almost back to normal, I think… hopefully…
It has been a strange few weeks, I put my upper back out about two weeks ago and this moved up into my neck, I haven’t been able to drive or really turn my head at all BUT, now it’s almost better and I am so thankful for this! Did you know that when you yawn or swallow, your head tilts slightly to the back?? Well I know this… because I haven’t been able to tilt my head and now I can. My chiropractor, Wendy is amazing!! We also had a hard drive crash on one of our computers, the new one, the one with all the patterns and photos… (stressful stuff…) the back-up was almost complete when it happened but this can be sorted out too… Hooray!!
The best news of all is that Myrtle is looking so much better, she is sitting up and eating and drinking on her own. Millie is the ill chicken at the moment, but I can see she is going to pull through and I am so happy about this… such precious little creatures these chickens of ours. Thank you all so much for your thoughts about our chickens, we really appreciate your kindness:)

Myrtle sitting up and looking around…


We visited the fabric shop today and I found this lovely fabric for our Christmas table cloth, I couldn’t resist… Eeek, do you know Christmas is less than 4 months away?? (Because I didn’t, I somehow thought I had all the time in the world…)

Last week was a special celebration for our sweet Jen. Jen and I spent an afternoon baking a pink cake together…

Remember the finches that recycled the Weaver nest? Their family has grown and they have all left the nest, it came down in the tremendous wind we had today… I just love how they reused this nest for their family.

Real blustery weather today, the leaves all came off the trees and collected near our front door…

PS I will soon have the apple cozy pattern translated into Spanish, for all our Spanish readers:)

There is still time to join the International Sending Love Heart Swap if you would like to take part:)
We are up to 82 participants at the moment.

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