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How to make a Kite Tutorial

Today was a wonderful day, we did all our schooling in the morning, Erin has begun Ancient Egypt, Jenna is busy with Renaissance Biographies and Cady is learning about time and money. We had a slight breeze here today and when I went outside I saw Erin was busy trying to build a kite to enjoy this lovely Autumn wind. So we set about making a simple kite with materials that we had at home…
Simple Kite Tutorial:
Matreials: ( Just use what you have…)
Wooden skewer sticks (we just joined ours to make them longer)
Brown paper
Tissue paper
First I joined the skewer sticks to lengthen them. Then I joined the sticks to make a cross. Make sure your horizontal stick is not in the centre, it must be attached higher up. This helps the kite to fly beautifully:) The horizontal sticks must also be shorter than the vertical sticks…
Cut some long tassels with your tissue paper…
Attatch the tassels to the bottom of the kite.
Attatch a long piece of string to the center of your kite so that when your kite is flying in the air you can hold onto it! And there you have it, a simple little tutorial on how to make a kite with items from around your home… We have been running up and down the garden and these kites have worked so well, I am totally amazed and I am sure we will be up early tomorrow morning making more kites. It’s great outdoor exercise!

Happy kite flying!

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