Creative Friday

Welcome to Creative Friday 🙂

Thank you so much to everyone who shares the love and posts their links to their amazing work:) Please feel free to post your links to anything you have created and would like to share, it can be a recipe, sewing tutorial, knitting tutorial, felting, crochet, crafts, art, spinning, weaving, working with fibre, photography, poetry…etc…

I also love to hear from you, so if you have a moment, please leave a comment:) Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent with us! Just add the name of your blog to the widget and then add your blog link with the http:// at the beginning of your link address:) I have added a Creative Friday button on the sidebar of my blog, please feel free to add it to your blog for Creative Friday and link it to so others can find this space and share their creativity too:)

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14 Responses to Creative Friday

  1. Lun@tic July 8, 2011 at 7:59 am #

    Love Love Creative Friday… Get’s me all set for Creative Sat and Creative Sunday.

  2. Nicole Spring (Frontier Dreams) July 8, 2011 at 8:37 am #

    buwahahaha. Type-o in my name… oh well 🙂 Happy Friday!

  3. softearthart July 8, 2011 at 9:20 am #

    Hi Linda, thought your viewers might like a little giveaway, cheers Marie

  4. goldenbird July 8, 2011 at 10:03 am #

    Thanks for the opportunity to share a knitting pattern from my blog, Linda. I haven’t been blogging much the last few months but hope to start up again regularly.

  5. Deb at Merciful Hearts Farm July 8, 2011 at 1:14 pm #

    Since the latest blog was actually about a finished project rather than one of our farm animals I went ahead & linked to your list. Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. Evi July 8, 2011 at 1:39 pm #

    Thanks for Creative Friday – it’s so much fun getting an update on all things crafty for the past week!

  7. Donna July 8, 2011 at 2:03 pm #

    Glad it is going to be rainy today so I can sit here and read!

  8. P.S. July 8, 2011 at 2:49 pm #

    Linda, I really enjoy creative friday! thanks for hosting.

  9. pinkundine July 8, 2011 at 3:45 pm #

    I love clicking through and seeing everyone’s creativity – brightens up my Friday 😉 Thanks for hosting this!

  10. Bobo July 8, 2011 at 4:35 pm #

    I love your blog 😡

  11. renee ~ heirloom seasons July 8, 2011 at 4:56 pm #

    Happy weekend and happy creating to you dear Linda! XO

  12. The Knobby Knitter July 8, 2011 at 5:30 pm #

    Love your blog, a pleasure to browse with so much to see. I’ll definitely be back, thank you!

  13. Dina July 8, 2011 at 10:49 pm #

    I am new to Creative Friday, stumbled upon this by way of other blogs.

  14. Carol Heyer July 10, 2011 at 2:06 am #

    Love your site and wonder if I could ask a few questions. Where are you located? Also son just built a chicken coop and have 4 hens but they are too young to lay eggs. Anything special they should do? Fan for coop in hot weather and some kind of heat source in the winter? Your comments would be appreciated. thanks, Carol

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