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Halloween Knits, Free e-Book Download

Halloween Collage With Writing

Hello friends,

I have compiled all my Halloween themed patterns into a little pattern e-book for you, if you’d like to download it, you can find it here on Ravelry for Free 🙂 Oh yes and if you do knit a few projects we would love to see them, so please share your photos on my Ravelry group for all see:)

Happy knitting,

Joining Ginny’s Yarn Along today.




Nori the Narwhal

Narwhal Pattern2

Narwhal Pattern1

Narwhal Pattern3

Narwhal Pattern4

Narwhal Pattern6

Narwhal Pattern5

I have finished designing and knitting my Narwhal pattern and I have decided to call him Nori:) He is quite large measuring 12.5 inches from the end of his horn to his tail and 4.5 inches tall. I have knitted him in Manos Wool Classica which is an aran weight yarn.  He is a circular knit, knitted with the magic loop, I love this technique because sewing up becomes minimal!

I will be opening up the test knit thread on my Ravelry group soon, places are limited as a few people mentioned already that they would like to test knit him:)

We are finally getting our first Spring rains, I’m so grateful for this! The heat has been quite intense and a rainstorm is always a welcome relief.

Joining today in the Yarn Along with Ginny.


Shawl Knitting

Sunny Days Shawlette4

Sunny Days

Sunny Days Shawlette5

I’m so close to finishing my Sunny Days Shawlette, my mom is knitting along with me in a beautiful green colourway. She started knitting a few days ago so I will share photos of her shawl next week, also, my camera is refusing to take more photos today, which is a little concerning. This has been such a lovely project, I’m actually knitting it for my niece as a birthday gift. These photos really don’t do this shawl justice, it’s an amazing design.

I have used Nurturing Fibres Supertwist sock yarn and for the contrasting colour, I have added in a gorgeous yak yarn from Nurturing Fibres. Only a few more rows to go now!

My mom has almost finished moving all her items across to her new apartment and said she will possibly be moving in next week. I’m so happy for her, I really think she is going to enjoy the social aspect of her new retirement village.

Joining with Ginny.


The Blanket is Finished

Recovery Blanket Finished

Sandy, Delilah and Kye

Recovery Blanket Complete

Thank you so much for your lovely messages yesterday, I really appreciate it. I woke up at 4am feeling awful, Richard got up and made me tea and gave me some remedies to try and help me feel better. He’s so sweet, I’m grateful for him every day he’s so kind and thoughtful. I felt much better when it was time to get up. Kye had come through to our room early this morning with a blocked nose and sore eyes, he also woke up feeling a little better. This flu has been relentless in its quest for domination and I don’t have much time for it. I’ve just made a pot of chicken and ginger soup for lunch, I’m sure this recipe from Nourishing Traditions will work its magic and have us all feeling right as rain in no time. I love this book, it’s filled with wonderful recipes and information for healthy eating and well-being.

I finished sewing up the Recovery Blanket this morning and sewing in all the ends. This blanket has been such a lovely healing journey for all of us. I gave it to my mom and she is so pleased with it. We are all very grateful to everyone who sent pieces for this very special project. I’ll be making a second blanket as there are still so many pieces remaining, so my mom will have two:)

My mom has been staying with us since my dad passed away in August last year, she has just bought herself a lovely apartment in a retirement village just around the corner and is ready to slowly move forward with her life. It will be so strange without her here but she seems quite excited to become a part of this new community and I’m happy for her. We will all be helping with the big move next week and Caiden is so excited to have sleep-overs at Granny’s new home.

Happy Yarn Along.


PS If you haven’t entered the giveaway from Natural Yarns yet go here, today is the last day.

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