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Tie Dyeing T-Shirts with my Children

We have been having great fun tie dyeing T-shirts and experimenting with dyes.  First we dyed with a solid colour using a pot with the boil and simmer method, then we decided to try a hand-painting method which I prefer.

This is what we did:

– We soaked our white t-shirts in a bucket of vinegar water, (a couple of litres of water and I added a cup of vinegar). I let that soak for about half an hour. The vinegar makes the dye take to the fabric like it does with yarn.


The shirts were placed flat on a counter top surface and marbles were held at the back of the shirts and pushed upwards, an elastic band was then placed around each marble. The elastics were very tight to keep out the colour and keep the whiteness of the fabric.

The dyes were mixed into rainbow colours, these are earth friendly dyes.

Then each colour was hand-painted or squeezed out onto each little bauble so that we would have circles of colour afterwards. This was so exciting, really, like digging up a potato plant and discovering plenty of delicious potatoes under the ground, like precious gifts!

Kye had SO much fun doing this!

Oh yes, don’t forget to put plenty of plastic down on your counter tops so that the dye doesn’t go anywhere it shouldn’t. I used bin bags and then just washed them afterwards.

Once all the colours had been added, I really wanted to put the shirts into our solar cooker outside in the sun but we had rain that day so each shirt was wrapped in plastic wrap, placed in a sieve over a pot of boiling water with the lid on to boil for 20 minutes, this seals the colour. I have separate pots, sieves and everything for my dyeing work.

Then I removed the pots from the stove, allowed the plastic wrap to cool and when the shirt was cooler, rinsed it in cool water to let any excess dye run out.

This was one of the most enjoyable crafting activities we have ever done:)

This is Jenna’s T-shirt.



Happy Monday and have a lovely week.

PS for everyone who very kindly offered to test knit my Camel pattern, a thread has been started over on my Mamma4earth Ravelry group where you can also read the test knit requirements and take part in the discussions.


Pomegranates and Tie Dyeing

Aren’t they gorgeous! I love these Pomegranate flowers, I was outside yesterday morning feeding our noisy chickens, yes, our new Buff Orpingtons are very loud girls indeed and ‘kind of’ demand their food in the mornings. Our Rhode Island Reds are much quieter, I’m not quite sure why the others are so vocal, ever noticed this with your chickens?

Anyway, as I was saying, I spotted these wonderful blooms and ran inside to fetch my camera. They are Ornamental Pomegranate flowers, I wish they were the real fruiting ones but I have bought an actual Pomegranate tree, so hopefully it will bare fruit soon.

We had fun yesterday, Jen was keen to try out some tie dyeing, so we mixed up some purple dye, wet a few white shirts, wrapped elastic bands around the fabric with marbles inside and simmered them in the dye pot for a short while.

Let me just say, that we were all amazed with the results!! We couldn’t believe how beautifully the dye took to the fabric, leaving such lovely circles and shapes! Almost looking like amethyst crystals. I just want to dye more. This afternoon, we went and bought some white cotton t-shirts and tomorrow we are going to tie dye by hand painting the dye on in various colours. I will probably write about the process on Creative Friday tomorrow.

Jenna’s t-shirt.

I also spent a few hours in my kitchen this morning, cleaning out drawers and re-packing them, it’s amazing what can end up in these draws if you don’t clear them out regularly 🙂

Kye and I planted some green bean seeds in an egg carton last week, they have grown so well. He is completely and utterly amazed each day when he observes how much they have grown. It’s so sweet, he walks into the kitchen in the mornings, catches a glimpse of those beans, takes in a deep breath and says, “Mom! Look at my beans!”

We will plant them in the veggie garden tomorrow.

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