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Nectarine Blossoms





Apricot Blossoms

English Oak Tree


(Photos by Erin)

Spring is such a glorious season! There are buds and flowers on most of the fruit trees. Life and rebirth are everywhere I look. I feel energised and excited to plant more veggies and flowers in our garden. We’ve also been filling the bird feeder with fruit and seed and various feathered friends have been visiting our garden each day. Jen and Erie have just started writing their September test series for School. Unfortunately the flu is still lingering in our home… we just can’t seem to shake it.

I hope you are enjoying the change of seasons.


Happy Spring to the South…

Erin 578

Erin 574

Erin 580

Erin 579

Happy Spring to the South and Happy Fall to the North!

The flowers are blooming, trees are full of new buds, bursting with life, I am so thrilled to see Spring in all her glory. Erin went on a walk around the garden today and captured Lady Spring at her finest with these lovely photos. Hopefully we will be dancing around our ‘Maypole’ tomorrow to celebrate, Kye can’t wait…

Wishing you a wonderful week dear friends.


To the Outside!

We have been having such lovely weather here lately that Caiden and Kye decided it was time to swim! Really? Already? We have just eased into Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere. The water felt freezing this morning but who am I to say it’s too cold to swim?

So out we went, my knitting in hand, two projects mind you, I could have brought just one but what if I wanted to knit on something else while I was outside. (I know, how can deciding what project to take with be so difficult? So that’s why both ended up outside with me, the colour affection shawl and Jenna’s sock that I’m busy designing).

Kye is very uncertain about this whole process, his older brother has told him the water is warm but he has felt is and warm isn’t quite the word I would use to describe the water temperature…

Venturing onto the first step…

Sandy always at the ready to launch herself fully into the water at any given moment.


But oh! There he goes, a quick jump!

And then out and into a warm towel. He lost his top front tooth this weekend and the strange thing is, is that since that tooth has come out, he hasn’t once woken up in the middle of the night and climbed into our bed. He sleeps straight through the night in his own room and wakes around 7am. Steiner wrote quite extensively about the loss of teeth and behavioural changes in children, I think I need to re-visit that reading material again…

Happy day to you.


Happy Spring!!

Gifts from a very dear friend, I just love this metal tin featuring many garden birds and the sounds they make… Inside the tin is an assortment of mixed nuts coated with caramel, delicious…

Happy Spring to all those in the Southern Hemisphere and happy Autumn to everyone in the North:)

Today has been a glorious day, our fruit trees are bursting with a kaleidoscope of colourful blossoms. The bees are in their element, busily rushing from one flower to the next. I am going to be planting up seed trays for our summer veggies this afternoon and placing horse manure around the fruit trees.

I am so looking forward to a season of work in the garden with temperatures rising and the cold of winter thankfully being left behind. I want to grow a few new varieties of plants this year and try and ensure a constant or semi-constant supply of veggies for our table. I have really wanted to try and rely less and less on the shops for our veggies, I would love to be able to pick more than lettuce, tomatoes and pumpkins for our table. We do grow other veggies but they are not in constant supply.

I would love to hear your veggie succession planting tips if you have any to share.

Hope your day is just wonderful wherever you may be…

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