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Pot Potato Success!

These are the first of our pot potatoes that I planted a while ago. During the hail storm, this particular plant was badly damaged.  I decided to pull it up today as the leafy part of the plant had been battered. Imagine my surprise, when I discovered a 7 inch long potato and a few smaller ones!! I am very excited indeed! I think there is wonderful hope for pot potatoes in our future:) I’m going to plant up larger pots and see what happens. These haven’t been eaten by anything as they were protected in the confines of the pot and they are just beautiful!

This is what I did, I filled up each pot with rich, composted soil and only planted one potato per pot. The potato was planted right near the surface and then lovely new potatoes grew underneath. And that’s it! I have battled for years to try and avoid all the bugs that have come from far and near to eat huge holes in our potato crop, so yay, at last we succeed!

Have a wonderful Sunday:)

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