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Souties Squash

Souties Squash1



Onion Flower

I love this time of year, the garden is winding down, Autumn is upon us here in the south… It’s a time to move inward, both outside in the garden and within ourselves. A time of introspection, a breathing in so to speak. The air is cooler at the end of the day, not a freezing cold but a definite reminder, though gentle, that we are heading ever closer to our winter months.

The garden needs attention, veggie beds will be harvested and manured and we will start planting our winter seedlings and seeds. Our Souties Squash are almost ready to be picked and I can’t wait to taste them, they are rather large, so I’m not quite sure of the best way to cook them, I’ll let you know what we do. I’m sure they will delicious:)

I must say, after all the hot days of Summer, I am rather looking forward to log fires in the study and lounge fireplaces. To be able to sit there and knit is one of my favourite things to do. It feels cozy just thinking about it… We still need to order and pack our wood and also plan ahead for possible power outages. We have had a couple in the last few weeks, a town about half an hour away from us had no power for a week! We have a borehole and a solar geyser but we need to figure out a solution for electricity sometime soon, instead of being totally dependant on our electricity company.

Kye has been asking which festivals we celebrate around Autumn time, he can remember so much from when he was little and I can see how celebrating Advent, Spring, Michaelmas etc… has enriched his life. I can see, when he talks about these festivals, the happiness he feels comes from deep within and holds great meaning in his heart. We will be preparing to celebrate Michaelmas soon (we are in the south so our celebrations mirror the north on opposite sides of the year) and also the Autumn equinox in a couple of weeks. Do you celebrate any special festivals around Autumn time?

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