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Our Week and Decluttering our Space


Jen and Erie

Potato Clock

Soalr Powered Aeroplane



It’s been a busy time here, Jen is in her second week of exams, they have been going well, she only has 2 more test days left and then we’re on holiday for a couple of weeks! The leaves are slowly turning orange and brown and we’re easing into cooler weather. I need to start thinking about knitting some warm hats, my mom has been busy knitting our whole family woolen slippers, they are so wonderfully warm and cozy! Jen and Erin have been working on their Scout advancement badges and also enjoy sitting and playing guitar together.I love it when they do, the house is filled with the sound of beautiful music.

I have been trying to get some order in our study, well, the study and most of our home. I love my home to be reasonably neat, it just makes me feel good to walk into a room and the table tops are empty, it’s a wonderful feeling, like the energy of the space has shifted and feels lighter, do you know what I mean? I did say, I love it when it’s neat but that doesn’t mean it always is. This actually hardly ever happens, with so many people living in a space, there are always projects on various tables that simply cannot be moved or tidied away .  I’ve started with the bookshelves, I’m going through all our books and putting them into piles. Books the children have outgrown and books we will keep. It seems like a mammoth task but I had to start somewhere. Once the books have been sorted through, I’ll move onto the table tops and try to keep them reasonably clear. I’m not sure if that will happen though. I always have the best intentions of clearing clutter but then I feel overwhelmed and just leave it for another day…

Caiden has been busy building a few projects this week, he built a potato clock from a kit that he got for his birthday and a solar aeroplane, they were fun projects. Well, I’m heading back into the study to declutter a little more, I love the feeling of a clear space…

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