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A Trip


I really appreciate all of your comments and for your visits to this space. Life is incredibly busy now and the days are flying by. I cannot believe it’s almost Christmas, it seems that I have just packed up all the decorations and now it’s time to take them all down from the cupboards again! I was grateful to hear from a few readers who were missing my posts. I will be posting more often and really enjoy sharing here and of course love hearing from you. I am also posting frequently on Instagram as Mamma4earth


We’ve just returned from a lovely holiday at the beach. We haven’t been for a while, it’s an eight-hour drive in the car but was worth the trip.


I spotted a bluebottle on the beach, they are beautiful.



Kye and I found some scoured out rock pools that had tiny ecosystems living in them.


Everyone enjoyed the beach, I really wish we lived closer.


I’ve been enjoying knitting on the Blue Light Hat. It was originally designed by Kerstin Olsson in 1959 and was updated by Solveig Gustafsson in 2008. The shades of yarn are breathtaking when combined in their respective rounds. 💛✨ Kye has seen it and has already claimed ownership.😊


Discovering windmills is my absolute favourite activity when we’re on a roadtrip.


Found some stunning seaglass on the beach…


I took this photo of the sunrise at 4:45 am the morning we drove back, it was beautiful and the sun disappeared into the clouds almost instantly.




The view from our apartment.


I really love the place where we are staying, the beaches are quiet and unspoiled, it’s just paradise…


There are so many hawks flying around here, they are majestic…




 The weather was grim and gray for a few days.


 Now we have lovely blue skies and sun.


 We have seen some fabulous sightings of whales and dolphins, the whales are usually too far out for my camera to capture but here are a few of the dolphin photos I managed to take.




Sea Glass1

We’ve been counting down the days for our road trip over the past few weeks. We live inland and haven’t visited the sea for years, so Richard and I decided it was time to take the kids on a holiday! Oh, the excitement!! Packing the car, choosing what to take… of course there was lego… We arrived at 4pm yesterday afternoon after a 7 and a half hour drive, we hardly noticed it though, it was wonderful.

This morning, we awoke to Caiden running into our room telling us there were whales in the ocean!! We all went out on the balcony and there they were!! How special…

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See you soon with more beach photos and the yarn for my Narwhal that I’m going to knit while at the beach!

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