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Delicious Souties Squash


Souties Squash1

Souties Squash2

Souties Squash3

Souties Squash4

Souties Squash5

Our Souties squash were finally ready to be harvested this weekend, we picked a whole bag full and I baked some of them for our Sunday lunch. I can honestly say, this is the most delicious squash I have ever tasted! Full of flavour, soft, creamy and yummy! Richard removed their stalks and cut them in half for me and then into the oven they went to bake for about half an hour. I added butter, salt and pepper beforehand and was hoping to add some crumbed feta but to my great sadness, we didn’t have any! (They were still awesome without the cheese though).  I also made sure I saved seeds for next years planting and will definitely have a bed of this squash growing each year. I found these wonderful heirloom seeds at Livingseeds and must buy some other seeds for our winter planting.

PS If you haven’t entered Liz’s lovely pattern giveaway from The Sitting Tree, go here.


Autumn Nature Table Crafts

Autumn Cone People

Autumn Cone People1

Autumn Leaf




Kye and I have been busy with a few nature crafts for Autumn. We found the inspiration for these crafts in a lovely book called Earthwise by Carol Petrash. This is a wonderful book divided up into the different seasons with lovely projects for each season. We used some pine cones, acorns and felt for the cone people and for the Autumn leaf picture, we used some paint, pretty handmade paper and a toothbrush with an oak leaf as our template. He is thoroughly enjoying our Autumn crafting and is so exited to discover what he will be busy with each day.

These are the sweet slippers that I mentioned in yesterday’s post. My mom has been knitting slippers for everyone in our family, they are truly divine! I have never worn such cozy slippers in my life and even our older teenage daughters adore wearing them too! We have adapted a slipper pattern found in the book called The Children’s Year. Each pair my mom makes for us is such a special gift.

What seasonal crafting have you been busy with?

PS I have added a free tutorial over on Ravelry, it’s a tutorial on how to stuff and finish off your knitted animal patterns, if you would like to download it go here.


Yarn Along

Oaklet Shawl9

Oaklet Shawl8

Pumpkin Gift

I’ve been furiously knitting my Oaklet Shawl, the yarn is so fine though that it feels like it’s taking forever. I am enjoying this knit tremendously, the colourway is lovely and I only have 6 more pattern repeats until I start the border of the shawl, so it isn’t far to go now. The knitters over at my cowl test knit suggested a KAL for people knitting Mamma4earth patterns, so if you are knitting any Mamma4earth animal or flower patterns, you are welcome to pop over there and join the converstaion:) I got a lovely surprise this morning, my neighbour sent a huge pumpkin over as an Autumn gift, isn’t it wonderful!!

I am reading Wuthering Heights again and enjoying it…

PS Natalie over at Marigold’s Loft is giving away an entire set of Knit Pro needles, the winner will be chosen tomorrow, so don’t wait to enter! And if you would like to knit a Shamrock for St Patrick’s day I have a pattern here for you.

Happy Yarn Along to you.




Souties Squash

Souties Squash1



Onion Flower

I love this time of year, the garden is winding down, Autumn is upon us here in the south… It’s a time to move inward, both outside in the garden and within ourselves. A time of introspection, a breathing in so to speak. The air is cooler at the end of the day, not a freezing cold but a definite reminder, though gentle, that we are heading ever closer to our winter months.

The garden needs attention, veggie beds will be harvested and manured and we will start planting our winter seedlings and seeds. Our Souties Squash are almost ready to be picked and I can’t wait to taste them, they are rather large, so I’m not quite sure of the best way to cook them, I’ll let you know what we do. I’m sure they will delicious:)

I must say, after all the hot days of Summer, I am rather looking forward to log fires in the study and lounge fireplaces. To be able to sit there and knit is one of my favourite things to do. It feels cozy just thinking about it… We still need to order and pack our wood and also plan ahead for possible power outages. We have had a couple in the last few weeks, a town about half an hour away from us had no power for a week! We have a borehole and a solar geyser but we need to figure out a solution for electricity sometime soon, instead of being totally dependant on our electricity company.

Kye has been asking which festivals we celebrate around Autumn time, he can remember so much from when he was little and I can see how celebrating Advent, Spring, Michaelmas etc… has enriched his life. I can see, when he talks about these festivals, the happiness he feels comes from deep within and holds great meaning in his heart. We will be preparing to celebrate Michaelmas soon (we are in the south so our celebrations mirror the north on opposite sides of the year) and also the Autumn equinox in a couple of weeks. Do you celebrate any special festivals around Autumn time?

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