Felting fun!

I have been helping Jenna learn how to felt, she is so excited and loves this ancient art. We have been felting butterflies for our Easter tree. Tonight Erin showed an interest and so Jenna showed Erin how to felt too! It has been a wonderful experience!

Today Jenna and Erin brought out all of our unwashed sheep’s wool and started to wash it and dried it in the sun. They are going to card it tomorrow and then we will attempt to dye it naturally. In the photo you can see some of the butterflies that we have felted with coloured fleece. They are sitting on one of our Queensland Blue organic pumpkins that we harvested about three weeks ago.

We are reading all of the Little House Books and last night we finished Farmer Boy, much to everyones great sadness, it is the most amazing book and we all loved reading it and didn’t want it to ever end. Every night at around 7-30 pm, I sit down in the lounge and everyone piles onto the couch and I read aloud to our children. They absolutely love this and tonight we started the 3rd book in the Laura Ingalls series, Little House on the Prairie. I think we will read them all and then again, we just love them so much!!

Our Easter Table

We have been busy with our Easter Table, which is still a work in progress. We have all joined in and knitted chickens, hens, roosters and even an Easter Bunny. The children all emptied out a few eggs and painted them and hung them on the tree. But all in all a lovely arrangement has emerged.

The following week is going to be a busy one and one that is full of celebration. St Patrick’s Day on Mon the 17th, my friends birthday on the 19th, Autumn Equinox on the 21st and then of course Easter. It is going to be lovely!

Our grapes are busy fermenting, they have been strained and placed into the first storage vat and now we wait for 8 weeks for the liquid to clear. This was done at just the right time because Jenna is busy with her Botany block and we are studying fungus and fermentation so she really had a hands on lesson there!

4 March 2008

Today we are finishing off Jenna’s Block on India. She has been busy with it for four weeks and we will then move on to a four week Block of Botany. We have enjoyed India and we have posted some of Jenna’s art for Ancient India for you to see. Erin is finishing her first Old Testament Block and will be moving on to a practical Farming and Building Block, will post Erin’s drawings in the next few days.
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