Celtic Earth Hat Test Knit

Celtic Earth Hat



Hello friends,

I’ve just finished designing the Celtic Hat pattern, I just love the electric shade of this yarn, it’s a worsted weight from Mamma Jude’s and most wonderful of all, it’s naturally dyed!

The pattern is knitted in the round and is pretty straight forward. I used about 80 grams of wool for this project.

If you’d like to join in the test knit, I have 5 spaces left, go here to my Ravery group and respond in the test knit thread 🙂

Happy knitting!



Knitting, Home and Walking


Bark www.naturalsuburbia.com

We went walking over the weekend and I spotted this beautiful tree bark, love the texture. Jen is back from Australia and Erin’s back from PLTU scout camp. It’s good to have everyone home again. We’ve started off our school journey again, only three schooling now, Jen is off to university next month, I’m SO excited for her!!

Flowers www.naturalsuburbia.com

Richard came home with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for me, I really adore these beautiful surprises!


I’ve started a new hat design, I think it should be a knit-along. I’m knitting in Mama Jude’s naturally dyed worsted yarn, too beautiful!! I’m enjoying the pattern so far.

Lou and Charlie

At last, Lou and Charlie are friends, Lou is such a lovely addition to our fur-baby family, he’s so full of energy and loves being around people.

Mushroom www.naturalsuburbia.com


We have mushrooms in our garden again! The fairies must be visiting!


A glorious sky, makes me feel very grateful that I love in this country, South Africa.

Have a fabulous week!



New Year Walk

Happy New Year!! I wish you all the very best for 2016 🙂

We’ve had a lovely relaxing start to our year, we braaied for lunch, swam and went for a walk down to the lake. It was good to get out into the fresh air…

It’s just the boys and Richard and myself at home for the next 10-12 days. Jenna’s in Australia visiting friends and Erin left for her Scout PLTU leadership camp early this morning. It seems SO quiet here at the moment!

Jen also got her matric results a few days ago and she passed her IEB exams with university entrance! Not bad for a homeschooler, hey? I’m incredibly proud of her, what an achievement! She’s worked so hard and if she’s learned anything from her homeschooling journey, it’s how to become an independent learner, which I feel will benefit her greatly when she embarks on her university career.

Grass Green

I just had to take this shot, love this rich green!





Sandy and C

A boy and his dog.



Everett the Elephant

Everett Side

Side Everette

everette side

I’ve been working on a new pattern called Everett the Elephant.

Meet Everett the Elephant! A wonderful companion for anyone!
He’s quite tall reaching 9.5 inches in height and 15.5 inches at its widest point, wonderful to hold and carry around.
He’s knitted in worsted yarn with 4.5mm circular needles.

4.5mm / US6 circular knitting needles
20 grams of Double Knitting yarn for the tusks
4mm circular needles for knitting the tusks
Sewing up needle
Merino fleece for stuffing
2 Black buttons, fleece or embroidery thread for the eyes,
Felting needle for the eyes (if using fleece)
Two stitch markers

This is an easy pattern, knitted in the round with circular needles,
Kfb to increase
Knit 2 together to decrease

The pattern also has photos to guide you through the creative process:)

Happy knitting!

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