A Visit to Irene Dairy Farm

Last week we travelled through to Pretoria to visit our doctor with Jenna and on our way back we decided to pop in at Irene Dairy Farm for lunch. We haven’t visited there for a while and I wasn’t even expecting it to be open but what a lovely surprise when we arrived and it was! It’s the most picturesque place! Large rambling farmland and beautiful green fields for their cows. The scenery is really breathtaking.

We had a delicious lunch with mama chickens and their chicks scurrying around everywhere, (both on the tables and off, so sweet!) and then we walked up to see the young calves. As we walked back towards the main buildings all the cows were walking up from the fields, no one was with them, they just seemed to know that it was lunch time, all made their way to the watering hole and then into their cow shed, so wonderful!

They also have a shop there where they sell homemade produce and certified raw milk and cream, I really should have bought more, it was so sweet and delicious! Can’t wait to visit Irene again.

I hope you have had a lovely week.


So Beautiful

Our beautiful winter skies…
Whilst walking outside, I was greeted by this wonderful sight, it made my heart leap with joy!

Have a lovely day.


Welcome July Sponsors

I would like to welcome our new July sponsors:

Brighton Park

 A lovely, Waldorf inspired, homeschooling and homesteading blog. Make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy browsing through Katie’s many beautiful pages, a wonderful read.

German Dolls

In Ulla’s words:
 “I am German doll maker living in the US. I have been making cloth dolls in the Waldorf tradition since 2000. In an age when everything is made of plastic and synthetics, my Cloth Dolls are handmade with pure wool and cotton, natural materials that warm to body temperature as they are held. Have you ever hugged a plastic baby doll on a cold winter morning? My soft, warm dolls are unique, huggable, and as individual as the children – young and old – who love them! Hope you get a chance to visit my shop and blog.”
Such a beautiful shop, stocking the most gorgeous eco-friendly, heirloom toys and practical things for your home.
Welcome back to:
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In Melisa’s words:
We started almost six years ago with our first book, A Journey Through Waldorf Homeschooling, Kindergarten.  Today we have a full curriculum for the grades and a book on inner work “108 Days”. We also have a brand new program for Waldorf homeschool teacher training.

A wonderful group of artisans on Etsy, called Natural Kids
 A lovely group of artisans creating the most beautiful heirloom and natural products for children and their families.
For all your printing needs, Vistaprint. Offering wonderful printed cards, calenders and business cards.
Meagan’s lovely blog is called, This Whole Family.
A truly lovely eco friendly blog with pages of delicious recipes, natural cleaning recipes for your home, gardening and crafting. A wonderful place to visit…
Please do visit these wonderful businesses and blogs and see what they have to offer.

Thank you so much to our sponsors, we are truly grateful and honored that you are a part of Natural Suburbia.

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Our Week

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and messages about Beans the Cat Pattern, I am so happy you like him and a few Beans patterns have already been knitted up and shared on Ravelry. I really love seeing your knitted projects so thanks for sharing them:) I will be adding a few more free patterns soon over the next few days.
It has been a cold week here in Johannesburg. The fires are lit early in the mornings so we can keep warm. Our homes here in South Africa aren’t built for really cold weather so when the temperature drops below -1C  it’s usually colder inside our home than outside!
We’ve had a scare with Jen this week, she hasn’t been feeling too well, she has been for blood tests and we have discovered that her insulin levels are four times higher than they should be! We have a wonderful doctor who is guiding us through this. We are changing our diet to low GI, cutting out all refined sugar, white pasta and flour etc… and we will move forward from here. Please would you keep her in your thoughts…
Do you remember this wool blanket that I made on my knitting machine? It’s finally finished, Jen and I crocheted a border around the edge and it’s so lovely and soft…

This morning we cooked our feathered girls some oats for breakfast to keep them warm.

Early morning frost on out roof.

We have been pruning and cutting back some of our trees, all the wood is dried out in bags and will be used for next winter’s fires.

I love finding little drawings on the walls outside, so sweet:)

I’m really not sure what’s been eating my spinach and lettuce, it isn’t birds, our veggie garden is enclosed with shade cloth, perhaps it’s rats or insects?? So this is what I have decided to do to try and combat the problem. I am going to recycle my milk bottles into little cloches to try and give these plants a chance. I really would like my veggies to grow so I can use them in salads and green juices. I’ll let you know how it goes. Any advice here would be appreciated.

The frost also took three of our potato plants. We pulled them out today and I was so happy to find a few potatoes still looking amazing underground.

Have a lovely weekend!

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