WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along

I am still busy with my Color Affection Shawl and I am really enjoying the knitting process. I just love how the pattern is divided up into various sections and how the second section joins the first piece at an almost 45 degree angle. It’s exciting! The colours are a motivating aspect too,  variegated yarns are wonderful this way, the colours continue to develop and grow and then suddenly change and morph into something else altogether…

I am knitting in these three colours, the variegated ball is a camel silk handspun and the other two are commercially spun kid mohair. Oh this shawl is so warm as I knit with it on my lap, I can’t wait to feel it draped over my shoulders on a chilly day…

You can see how the second colour section joins the first at the perfect angle.

I have finished the first of the slippers for the slipper pattern I am designing, it is a cozy fit:)

I am reading the A Knitter’s Home Companion, I adore this book! I take it with me everywhere, out in the car etc… It’s full of stories , recipes and patterns, a delightful publication. I think I saw it on your blog Tracey, thank you so much for letting me know about this wonderful book, you always have such beautiful book suggestions:)

Joining in today with Ginny.


To the Outside!

We have been having such lovely weather here lately that Caiden and Kye decided it was time to swim! Really? Already? We have just eased into Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere. The water felt freezing this morning but who am I to say it’s too cold to swim?

So out we went, my knitting in hand, two projects mind you, I could have brought just one but what if I wanted to knit on something else while I was outside. (I know, how can deciding what project to take with be so difficult? So that’s why both ended up outside with me, the colour affection shawl and Jenna’s sock that I’m busy designing).

Kye is very uncertain about this whole process, his older brother has told him the water is warm but he has felt is and warm isn’t quite the word I would use to describe the water temperature…

Venturing onto the first step…

Sandy always at the ready to launch herself fully into the water at any given moment.


But oh! There he goes, a quick jump!

And then out and into a warm towel. He lost his top front tooth this weekend and the strange thing is, is that since that tooth has come out, he hasn’t once woken up in the middle of the night and climbed into our bed. He sleeps straight through the night in his own room and wakes around 7am. Steiner wrote quite extensively about the loss of teeth and behavioural changes in children, I think I need to re-visit that reading material again…

Happy day to you.


Chicken Diaries and a Camel Test Knit

We have a broody chicken, her name is Brenda. We have had broody chickens in the past, they have been broody for a few days and then simply left their nest and carried on with their regular chicken lives, but not Brenda…  We are leaving her to her broodiness for now, to experience this process even though there will be no baby chooks as we don’t have a rooster. She defends her nest and collects all the eggs that are layed each morning from her sister chickens and proceeds to growl at us if we go near.  We take her food and water and she does venture out onto the grass for short periods of time, puffs herself up, wings outstretched and runs around in a crazy fashion and then returns to her nest…

I would love to hear of your experiences with broody chickens if you have a story to share.


I love this sweet planter right outside my front door.



I knitted this camel a little while ago, he will be going into my African Animals knitting pattern book and I wonder if I could ask here if anyone would be interested in test knitting him for me? I have never asked for a test knit before so I’m not sure if I am going about this the right way, but if there are 3 people who are keen, just let me know and as soon as I have finished putting the pattern and photos into a document, it will be ready to send out:)

Wishing you an inspired week.


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