Humphrey the Camel Pattern is Live and a Giveaway!

Thanks so much to everyone who offered and test knitted Humphrey the Camel, it was such a wonderful experience and I have learned so much from all of you!

Meet Humphrey the Camel, he is a beautiful ship of the desert…
He is perfect for your Christmas nativity scene or a wonderful new toy for your knitted animal collection.

Humphrey is knitted flat with straight needles in a DK yarn. The pattern is 13 pages long and has plenty of photos and information to help you finish your creation. The pattern is 13 pages long.

There are links to various stitch tutorial videos for the stitch techniques used in the pattern.

Measurements: 5 inches / 14.5 cm tall

Humphrey’s pattern is available in my Etsy Shop and my Ravelry Store.


I am giving away 2 Humphrey the Camel patterns to 2 readers, if you would like to win this pattern, just leave a comment in this post, to earn extra entries, please Pin or Facebook the giveaway and let me know with another comment:)

The winners will be announced on Monday.


Congratulations to:

Marny November 15, 2012 at 9:48 pm # Edit

I can still see the camels with their owners as my bus went past them in Jerusalem!

You’ve once again done an amazing animal!

I like that it’s knit flat – since dpns are still scary to me.

Winning this pattern would be great – and a sweet memory of my trip to Israel in March


laminitagirl November 15, 2012 at 10:52 pm # Edit

Who couldn’t use a camel in their stable? He looks quite regal and ready to lead the way!

As soon as you send your email addresses to I will send the patterns through:)

Rosa the Donkey & a Giveaway

Meet Rosa:)

I have been working on her pattern for the last few days, she is such a sweet little character, perfect as a member of a nativity or a farm scene. She is knitted flat on 2 needles, the only extra pieces to be sewn on are her two ears. She is a very easy knit, with just some increasing and decreasing.

The pattern is 31 pages long and I have added extensive photos and instructions for the finishing of this project. You will be guided every step of the way. She is knitted in a worsted yarn and 4mm straight needles. Instructions for the mane and tail have been included too.

Rosa’s pattern is available for download in my Ravelry store and on my Mamma4earth Etsy shop.


I am giving away 2 Rosa the Donkey patterns to 2 readers, if you would like to win this pattern, just leave a comment in this post, to earn extra entries, please Pin or Facebook the giveaway and let me know with another comment:)

The winners will be announced on Friday.


Congratulations to:

Jennifer November 13, 2012 at 11:12 pm # Edit

Adorable! So so sweet. Would love the pattern. Thanks for the giveaway :)


Anna November 14, 2012 at 2:39 am # Edit

I had trouble finding your blog today, but I finally found it and see that you moved it. So glad I found it! I wanted to let you know that when I went to list it under blogs I follow, It said that it couldn’t pick up a feed to it, that something in the url wasn’t right.

I would love to enter your giveaway for the donkey pattern. I really must figure out what that pinterest thing is.

How to Stuff and Shape a Waldorf Inspired Knitted Toy Animal, a Tutorial

I’ve had a few lovely knitters ask me to post a tutorial on how to stuff and shape my knitted toys, so I have put together a step by step tutorial with plenty of photos to guide anyone through the finishing process of making a knitted animal. This particular toy that I am working with here is my new donkey pattern, he is almost complete, I just have a few finishing touches to add.

It’s easy enough to knit up a toy, but the finishing and shaping is the most crucial part.

So here we go…

Fold the knitting right sides together and line up the legs, head, tummy etc… I use the cast off yarn to sew up with and leave a long thread when I have finished knitting.

Sew up the face to the top of the head. I don’t use a specific stitch when I sew, I just sew in and out of the knitting, I push the needle right through both of the stitches with both the loops from each stitch showing. If you don’t push the needle under both loops, then the inner loops will show on the right side of the knitting once the knitting is turned onto the right side, so try to get to both of the loops when sewing up:)

Now you will be at the top of the head, if you still have plenty of yarn left, push your needle under the stitches you have just sewn, pulling it all the way down to the muzzle where you will resume sewing again. Now sew under the chin, down the chest making sure you are sewing in and out under both loops of each stitch. This way, if your stitches are close enough, you won’t see any stuffing when your toy is complete.

Sew down the front of the chest until you are in line with the tummy line. Stop sewing and separate the legs. Each leg is sewn up individually.

The front legs have been separated, sew down the inside of the first leg and around the foot section.

If you still have plenty of yarn to work with, sew straight along the base of the foot and up the inside of the leg to where you will begin sewing up again. Now to sew up the second front leg.

Sew down the second front leg and under the foot. Pull your needle and yarn through your sewn stitches, back to the top of the legs. Now sew up the tummy area, in and out like previously. When you get to the legs stop sewing and separate the back legs.

The first back leg, I have sewn from the base up to the top of the leg. Line the legs up nicely or they will appear twisted. Sew under the base of the foot and up the one leg to the top.

Once at the top of the first leg, sew down the inside of the second leg and under the foot. In the photo, you will see an opening that has been left at the back of the toy, this is for stuffing. Finish off the foot section.

Turn the toy onto the right side through the opening at the back and if you find it difficult to pull the legs out onto the right side, just use a thick sewing needle to pull them out with.

The donkey with the right side showing.

I use a similar colour of fleece when stuffing my knitted toy animals to ensure that the stuffing doesn’t show through the knitting. It doesn’t unless the yarn is very dark, then some light fleeces might show through, so a darker coloured stuffing is a good idea in that instance.

Start off by pushing small pieces of fleece into the head  and then the neck, use the point of a needle to push it into all areas.

Push the stuffing down to the base of the legs using the back of a needle or pencil. Make sure the legs are firm, this is very important, otherwise your toy won’t stand. The area at the top of the legs where they join to the body needs to be firm. After you have stuffed the legs and body, take the pointed end of a needle and move the stuffing around until you feel that the toy is exceptionally firm and will be able to stand.

Make sure the rump area is full and rises above the shoulders of the animal so that there is a nice balance between the hindquarters and withers. Move the fleece around with the needle point untill it has been distributed nicely.

Add more stuffing before you sew the opening closed at the back. When you are happy with the amount of stuffing in the toy, sew the opening closed.

The firmly stuffed donkey, standing nicely on all four legs, with raised hindquarters and neck.

This donkey has not been stuffed sufficiently and is sloping downwards by his back legs, more stuffing and shaping is needed.

This photo shows that the back legs don’t have enough stuffing, this will make the toy sit down. More stuffing needs to be pushed into the legs especially at the top.

You would usually use two hands to do this but I am holding a camera so I am using one hand. Finish the shaping by pushing down into the middle of the back so that there is a nice depression there and then the hindquarters will rise up at the rear.

And here is the almost completed knitted toy donkey. I still have to knit his ears and finish his mane and tail but this tutorial just shows you how to stuff and shape the animal.

Wishing you a wonderful week:)


Our Newest Addition to the Family

Meet Delilah, she is our newest addition to our family, we all love her so much already…

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