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Sparkle Stories

Sparkle Stories is an amazing online resource that offers beautiful audio stories for children and families.

Super Skivvies

Steph is the owner of this lovely business. She designs and makes the most wonderful cloth training pants for little ones.

The Blog Maven:

Jeni is an amazing blog migration specialist, offering various services to help improve and update your current blog tremendously.

Waldorf Essentials:

In Melisa’s words:
We started almost six years ago with our first book, A Journey Through Waldorf Homeschooling, Kindergarten.  Today we have a full curriculum for the grades and a book on inner work “108 Days”. We also have a brand new program for Waldorf homeschool teacher training.



For all your printing needs, Vistaprint. Offering wonderful printed cards, calenders and business cards.


Such a beautiful shop, stocking the most gorgeous eco-friendly, heirloom toys and practical things for your home.

Brighton Park:

A lovely, Waldorf inspired, homeschooling and homesteading blog. Make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy browsing through Katie’s many beautiful pages, a wonderful read.


In Ulla’s words:
 ”I am German doll maker living in the US. I have been making cloth dolls in the Waldorf tradition since 2000. In an age when everything is made of plastic and synthetics, my Cloth Dolls are handmade with pure wool and cotton, natural materials that warm to body temperature as they are held. Have you ever hugged a plastic baby doll on a cold winter morning? My soft, warm dolls are unique, huggable, and as individual as the children – young and old – who love them! Hope you get a chance to visit my shop and blog.”
A truly lovely eco friendly blog with pages of delicious recipes, natural cleaning recipes for your home, gardening and crafting. A wonderful place to visit…
Please do visit these wonderful businesses and blogs and see what they have to offer.
Thank you to our lovely sponsors, we do appreciate you very much. Your support allows me to share our life via blogging and also contributes financially to the home education of our children, thank you.
For sponsorship / advertising information you can contact me at: lindadawkins@mweb.co.za

Creative Friday and a Rectangle Heart Pattern

Dear friends,

Thank you all so much for your very kind thoughts and prayers over the last few days. You have given our family such wonderful support and love, you have carried me through such tremendous sadness over the passing of my beloved dad. Our family has come together and it has been so lovely to share this time with them… I am so very blessed to know all of you, I can’t say thank you enough…

I have been knitting and knitting and we are still going forward with our recovery blanket, we are knitting it in honour of my dad and will be giving the blanket to my dear mom so that she can wrap herself in it and remember their love…

As I can’t share the vintage pattern that we have been knitting from  a magazine, I have designed a piece that is exactly the same size and will share the pattern below and will fit beautifully with the other pieces.

Thank you so much to everyone who wrote to me by email and on Facebook requesting the pattern to contribute to this special project. I am adding my postal address below, so if you feel you would like to add a piece, we would be very honored to include it.

Postal Address:

Linda Dawkins

PO Box 15671



South Africa

PS I have added a new Heart pattern here.

Heart Blanket Square:


4mm needles

Aran weight wool in any colour of the rainbow:)




Cast on 25 stitches

Rows 1-6: Knit in garter stitch

Row 7: Knit 11, knit 2 together, yarn over, knit 12

Row 8: Knit

Row 9: Knit 10, knit 2 tog, yarn over,  knit 1, yarn over, knit 2 together, knit 10.

Row 10: Knit

Row 11: Knit 9, knit 2 tog, yarn over, knit 3, yarn over, knit 2 together, knit 9.

Row 12: Knit

Row 13: Knit 8, knit 2 tog, yarn over,  knit 5, yarn over, knit 2 tog, knit 8.

Row 14: Knit

Row 15: Knit 7, knit 2 tog, yarn over, knit 7, yarn over, knit 2 tog, knit 7.

Row 16: Knit

Row 17: Knit 6, knit 2 tog, yarn over, knit 9, yarn over, knit 2 tog, knit 6.

Row 18: Knit

Row 19: Knit 5, knit 2 tog, yarn over, knit 11, yarn over, knit 2 tog, knit 5.

Row 20: Knit

Row 21: Knit 4, knit 2 tog, yarn over, knit 13, yarn over, knit 2 together, knit 4.

Row 22: Knit

Row 23: Knit 4, knit 2 tog, yarn over, knit 13, yarn over, knit 2 together, knit 4.

Row 24: Knit

Row 25: Knit 4, knit 2 tog, yarn over, knit 13, yarn over, knit 2 together, knit 4.

Row 26: Knit

Row 27: Knit 5, knit 2 tog, yarn over, knit 5, yarn over, knit 2 tog, knit 4, yarn over, knit 2 tog, knit 5.

Row 28: Knit

Row 29: Knit 7, knit 2 tog, yarn over, knit 1, yarn over, knit 2 tog, knit 1, knit 2 tog, yarn over, knit 1, yarn over, knit 2 tog, knit 7.

Rows 30-35: Knit

Cast off

(If you find any errors, please do let me know and I will change them accordingly)

Welcome to Creative Friday!

Thank you so much to everyone who shares the love and their beautiful links:) Please feel free to post your links to anything you have created and would like to share, it can be a recipe, sewing tutorial, knitting tutorial, felting, crochet, crafts, art, spinning, weaving, working with fibre, photography, poetry…etc…


I also love to hear from you, so if you have a moment, please leave a comment:) Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent with us! Just add the name of your blog to the widget and then add your blog link with the http:// at the beginning of your link address:) I have added a Creative Friday button on the sidebar of my blog, please feel free to add it to your blog for Creative Friday and link it to http://www.naturalsuburbia.com/ so others can find this space and share their creativity too:)

1. I have started a Creative Friday Flickr Group where you can post your beautiful photos that you link to each Creative Friday. To join the group, please go here.

2. If you would be so kind as to link back to Natural Suburbia in your blog post that would be lovely:)

Have a wonderful day,


Our Week and a Recovery Blanket Project

It has now been almost 1 month since my father had his stroke, unfortunately he has developed a chest infection and is not doing well at all. We won’t be able to take him home as we had hoped and he will be moving to a fourth care facility soon. This is hard… it’s hard to see him lying there sleeping and so ill… We are still remaining positive and praying and hoping that he will be well again soon…

As most of you know, knitting is such a wonderful and therapeutic craft. It has helped me through this very difficult journey with my poor dad, helped me to cope in times of great sadness, when doctors tell me there is nothing more to be done…  So, we have decided that we are going to knit him a Recovery Blanket. For now we are all knitting little patterned rectangles in rainbow colours to eventually sew together into a beautiful blanket for my dad. This blanket will be very special to us and lovely for him, to give him the support he needs to travel this journey to recovery…

If you feel you would like to also knit a little rectangle to add to this blanket, oh, how lovely that would be!

The rectangles measure 5 inches across and almost 4 inches down the side, we are knitting in a hand-spun yarn. We all thought this would be a wonderful project! We are using an old pattern from the 1950s but any pattern is perfect as long as the size of the rectangles are the same. You are welcome to write to me by email if you would like to join us with this project:)

On Saturday Caiden received his Leaping Wolf Badge at Cubs, this is the highest badge of honour in Cubs. He worked so hard  for this badge and we are so happy for him.


Later on Saturday night, Jenna played guitar live for an audience for the first time. She sang one of her own songs too, it was such a great evening!! Thanks so much to her amazing guitar teacher Claudia Cox! (Jen just wants you to know that she does not like this photo at all) Linda (I had to share it here though, sorry Jen, love you lots, I am so proud of you :)

Hope you are all having a fabulous start to this week.

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