I’ve Got Mail!

I have email again!

After a week of very limited email, I installed Outlook on my computer today and imported my contacts and all my folders and messages from the old mail programme that crashed. I am so grateful that I was able to do this easily after thinking all was lost!

I am very excited to share the latest rectangles with you that have arrived from overseas. Thank you all so much, it was such a wonderful surprise to collect all the parcels from the post office on Friday. We are going to start sewing the blanket together now, piece by piece. Thank you to a lovely friend Anna for gifting us with a copy of her most recent publication, I am sure my little ones will enjoy reading it.

We have been having a profound amount of rain here, sometimes two or three thunderstorms a day. Our garden is flourishing, I have never seen it so full of growth and beauty. These flowers have sprouted and I have no idea what they are but they are so pretty and multiply continuously.


Our new granadilla vine has started producing fruit as well, we can’t wait for these to ripen.

I love this crochet flower, it was a birthday gift sent to me from dear Jenni, I have it on my car keys and it makes me happy each time I see it, such lovely handmade goodness, thank you:)

PS Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments in the last post about my shawl. When I was still in the planning stages, I wasn’t too sure about the colours, I am not much of an extrovert and tend to shy away from anything bright or bold. Knitting in these colours definitely moved me past my comfort zone and I am so happy I tried something new because I really love how it turned out! xo


My Color Affection Shawl is Finished!

It’s finished! I LOVE this shawl! I really enjoy knitting shawls but I have always wanted one that I can wrap myself up in and feel cozy and warm. This is the one and it won’t be the last. I have had such fun planning this shawl, the yarn I would use, how the colours would move through the piece and how I thought it would look when it was finished. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with it.

I know some of my readers are awaiting my response on the yarns I used, my email has crashed, I have lost all my contacts, my folders, it’s really awful, so I am going to add the yarn I used here and also on my Ravelry page as soon as I get to update it.

For the cast on I used my handspun variegated camel silk, I really enjoy the colour changes of this yarn, you can see it in the above photo,  with the thick bands of colour at the top. I had to choose colours for the stripes that would flow throughout the entire shawl, I decided to use soft brushed kid Mohair in a solid lime green and lilac. Now these three skeins of yarn would be alternated and eventually become short rows joining the top half of the garment. After all the rows had been repeated and there were well over 450 stitches on the shawl, I had to knit the border. I chose a deep purple for this as I thought it would bring the whole piece together, you will be able to see it in the photo of the shawl on the grass.

Oh and sorry about the shiny photos, the sky is completely overcast this morning and is creating havoc with the lighting:)

Hope you have a wonderful week.

We are holding all the families near and in the path of hurricane Sandy in the USA in our thoughts and prayers, please stay safe.


Mamma4earth 4th Birthday Giveaway Winners!


Thank you so much to everyone who entered my Mamma4earth 4th birthday giveaway, you left me such treasured comments! I am delighted that you enjoy our blog and my patterns, your kindness makes my heart feel so full of gratitude and happiness.

The 2 winners are:

Amanda Sanders October 23, 2012 at 9:08 pm

Yeah for blogging!


TypoQ October 23, 2012 at 5:46 pm

Congrats to you and thank you for the wonderful contest!

(going to head off n fb it too :) )


Please could you email me at lindadawkins@mweb.co.za and I will send your patterns off to you both:)

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone:)


Knitting, Chickens and Green…

I have really been enjoying knitting on my Color Affection shawl, it’s almost finished and so exceptionally soft! I wasn’t sure about knitting with brushed kid mohair but I’m very happy I did. The feel is comforting and cozy, exactly what I want in a shawl. The size is also wonderful, I knitted the larger shawl because I wanted it to really wrap around me for when I go on walks and then I can just unwrap it as I need to. I am busy with the solid edge at the moment and have about half an inch to go and then it will be finished!

These photos above are of the view from my bedroom windows, I have three large bedroom windows looking out onto our back garden. The first photo is of a sparrow nest, this nest is about 2.5 metres away from my window, I am so excited Mr and Mrs Sparrow decided that this was the right spot to raise a family. We will be able to witness their journey, how precious!

The green photos (I LOVE green) have been taken from the two other windows… I love all the green variegation on the leaves of the ivy and lawn with just a tiny sliver of brown sand…

Our chickens…

Each morning our sweet girls make their way to this spot at the front door and call raucously until we appear and give them a few snacks. They are very inquisitive, forever trying to climb through open windows and see what the humans are up to:)

Erin’s chicken, Bubby having a nap in my planter…

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