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I have been spinning up luxury yarns and also hand painting Merino yarn and having so much fun:) I don’t really post much about my shop, but it is a large part of my life and I really enjoy recording my progress here on my blog. I have been hand painting skeins and skeins of rainbow yarn and I just love it! All of these new yarns have been listed on my Mamma4earth shop, some have sold and others are still there:) Thanks so much to all who visit:)
Merino Bamboo Single Handspun
Camel Silk Single Handspun
Wendsleydale Single Handspun
Merino Rainbow Double Knit (Sold)
Vibrant Rainbow, Double Knit
Rainbow Dream, Double Knit
Wishing you all a wonderful, colourful weekend:)

Re-use, Recycle a Tree

I have been working on my blog yesterday and today and I am so excited to have discovered how to add a 3rd column! Now all my tutorials are on the right hand side for everyone to enjoy:) Early last week we discovered our beautiful Cypress tree was leaning quite dramatically towards our house. We had so much rain  at the end of our Summer and early Autumn and this poor tree just couldn’t withstand the moisture in the ground. It started to lean more and more and eventually its roots were lifing out of the ground. We new we had to have it taken out, as it would definately fall on our home(I hate cutting down trees) but in this case we had no choice, we couldn’t support it in any way, so it had to be taken down… We did however find a way to reuse and recycle our tree:)

There was great excitement on the day when the tree felling company came. All our children stood at a safe distance and watched for any little birds that might be nesting in the tree, luckily there were none:)
This lovely tree will not go to waste though, we had a few ideas for it:) All the small branches were put into piles and will be dried out and reused for woodwork and firewood. Parts of the bark are a rich red colour and I am sure will give us a beautiful colour in the dye pot. We are going to make planters with some of the pieces, Caiden and Jenna are looking forward to hollowing them out with a wood chisel, there were so many wood shavings and we used these for a mulch for our plants and lastly, everyone got together and designed an obstacle course to enjoy! So even though our lovely tree is not standing in the corner of our property anymore, we have found many wonderful uses for it!

Happy Saturday everyone:)

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