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Could it be Spring Already?

The weather has changed dramatically here in Johannesburg, the sun is rising earlier and it has warmed up a few degrees. I can’t wait for Spring… I think it has already arrived though, our Almond tree is full of blossoms at the beginning of August? All our fruit trees have swelling buds, this is such an exciting time in the garden, an awakening from the deep sleep of winter…

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


My dad woke up yesterday, he has been sitting in a chair next to his hospital bed for short periods of time! I was so surprised to see him there yesterday when I went to visit. I have only seen him sleeping and briefly waking so far, this is such a huge step! He is still very tired and and exhausted but I know there is such hope. I spoke to the physiotherapist today and she said she couldn’t believe the progress he has made over the past two days. My heart is happy and full of joy.

We continue to pray for his healing and he is healing, thank you for all your continued support with prayer and healing thoughts.




Spring Handwork and the Garden

We are in the full swing of Spring here in the south at the moment, such wonderful and happy days. I watch as the garden turns into a beautiful wonderland of blossoms with fruit emerging after the blossoms have fallen from the trees. Oh, I have such hopes for this garden this season, our quinces are blossoming for the first time, beautiful large white flowers… Our new fruit trees are also starting to fruit too and we are having a bumper crop of asparagus this year!
Jen has been enjoying some needle felting and has created a beautiful Lady Spring and a gnome for our nature table…
Jenna’s Lady Spring and gnome… 

I have been knitting these little pumpkins this week, they make me smile:) Here’s the free pattern.
I have always admired orchids and my Richard gifted me with one out of the blue the other day, don’t you just LOVE thoughtful surprises like this? I do:)…

Aaaaah and my Tasha Tudor books have been taken down from the shelves again, I am going to be reading through them, I find them so inspiring and precious, I definitely consider them to be treasures in my home…

Caiden has been building a wall outside under his tree house. He is waiting for the mud to set and then he will remove the planks, so sweet…

Our Petria is flowering near our water storage tank, the colour is so vibrant…

Lavender by our front door…

Irises are flowering all over the garden, once they are finished, we are going to dig them up and divide them. We usually do this every two years.

Quince blossoms, oh, how I wish for quinces this year!!! Need to look for some recipes…

My Heart Swap has arrived from lovely Lanie. Oh my goodness, I have been so blessed with kindness! I received 3 beautiful crocheted bowls, a flower brooch, button bracelet, sweets and I love the card! Everything was wrapped in a silk scarf. I love my gifts Lanie and thank you so much for taking part. I will email you soon 🙂

Our first Calendulas are flowering… and guess what….. the chickens don’t like eating them! So we will have some flowers in the front garden after all:)


Spring Nature Table

Kye has been enjoying playing with his tree house table so I thought it would be a good time to set up our Spring nature table. I have moved it into our library, this is the busiest room in our home… Now we will be able to see this sweet little scene each day and if we go on nature walks we can add small treasures to it too:)

We made this tree house stand a few years ago with some pruned branches and thick ply wood, it really is easy to put together. Just cut three bases for your levels, the lowest being the biggest and make them smaller as you go up. Cut with a scroll saw or a jig saw, nail the little branches through the levels and that is that…

Wishing everyone a lovely week ahead…


Happy Spring and Sending Love International Heart Swap Photos

Happy Spring to everyone in the southern hemisphere and happy Autumn to all in the north!
What a glorious time of year this is, the weather is warm, plants are flowering, the grass is turning green again, so refreshing, a time of renewal… We danced around our colourful Maypole yesterday to welcome in the new season…

Now for some Sending Love Heart Swap photos…

This Heart Swap has been such a wonderful and special time, I have connected with lovely people all over the world in Lithuania, Slovakia, Spain, the Netherlands, Australia, USA, Italy, Greece and Russia to mention just a few of the countries…

I have been receiving photos of the swap items that have been so lovingly created and sent off and I would like to share them here in this space… If you have any photos of your swap items that you made, please feel free to send them through for me to blog about with your blog link.

I would like to make this ‘Sending Love Heart Swap’ a yearly swap, this year there were 86 participants, just amazing!
Thank you so much to everyone:)

Here are some of the wonderful treasures that have been made:

Aleta’s wonderful swap item.

Marie sent this gorgeous piece of jewellery to her swap partner.

Linda’s elegant swap items.

Judith’s lovely swap.

Kelly’s beautiful swap.

Melissa’s  amazing swap items.

Sheryl’s lovely swap.

Valery’s beautiful swap
on the sewing table • 1 sep 11

Meg’s beautiful Two Hearts Mug Rug.

Melissa’s gorgeous creations.

Thank you so much to everyone who sent photos to me:)
Have a peaceful weekend
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