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Richard and I went out early this morning to have a look at Laptops. We had a very knowledgeable sales person explain all the specs to us about Mac products and their prices and then we went and had coffee to go and think about and discuss what we thought we should do. We decided on an Apple MacBook Pro. I’m so excited about getting to know this Laptop and feel very grateful that we were able to make this purchase. I got Office for Mac so I should be able to navigate everything easily and if I get stuck, I can phone the support team at the shop where we bought it from and they can slowly walk me through each process. While deciding what to do this morning, I quickly looked over all the comments here on my blog and on Facebook to remember what everyone had said about their computer preference and then our minds were both made up, thank you so much!

I have been spinning again this afternoon by the fire and enjoying my wheel tremendously. I haven’t done much spinning recently but now I’m addicted once more and will possibly spin everyday while the Tour De France is on. There is a Ravelry Group called Tour de Fleece, where everyone spins each day of the TdF. It’s very exciting to see what everyone is busy with.

Have a lovely Weekend.


Creative Friday

Llama Silk Roving

Llama Silk1Llama Silk2

I picked this roving up from the post office this morning. It’s called Black Opal and Queen of Colours, it’s a combed Llama Silk by Violet Linx she is based in Russia and her offerings are wonderful. This roving is pure luxury and so amazing to spin. When Jenna saw it, she asked if I could start spinning it quite fine and knit her a pair of fingerless gloves. I am so happy that she wears the projects I knit even though she is 16 now. I think there’s a pattern for gloves in My Grandmother’s Knitting book but I’m not sure. She wants fingerless gloves but with the sections for the fingers. Should be a fun project.

So this is how far I am at the moment, it’s freezing here today, I intend to sit in front of the fire and spin this roving as much as I can and perhaps, dare I say, finish it, (not sure if that will actually happen though but here’s hoping).

Some other exciting news, yesterday at the Tour de France, a South African won the yellow jersey for the first time ever!! His name is Daryl Impey and we are all so proud of him!

Thank you very much to everyone who wrote to me about which computer brand they prefer, I think we will be going to look at buying one tomorrow morning, I’m quite excited! It will be a laptop and I’m leaning towards a Mac from all the feedback I’ve gotten but we’ll see what happens tomorrow.



Creative Friday


Corriedale Crosses

I dusted off my spinning wheel this morning and started spinning up this beautiful Corriedale fibre. Jen has asked me to knit her something with the spun wool, I need to think about what it could be, perhaps gloves and a hat? I’m still busy sorting out my wool room, it feels good to have everything organised and tidy, rovings on one shelf and wool on others.

Thanks so much to everyone who offered to test knit my Seaglass Cowl, as soon as the pattern is ready, I will let you know.

Happy weekend to you:)

Welcome to Creative Friday,

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How do you Spin on a Charkha?


I just had to pop in here tonight to share my excitement with you!

My dear friend Dana, has a friend called Linda who is moving down to the coast, she was giving away a few items and one of them was a Charkha for spinning. The Charkha is one of the oldest spinning tools and was also used often around the time of Ghandi, if you would like to read more about it’s history go here. Dana asked me if I was interested in having it and I said yes! This one is actually from India, I have seen them before, but I have no idea how to use one. Some wonderful new learning will be taking place here this week, that’s for sure. Have you ever spun on one of these? If you have please could you give me a few tips:)

Not only did she send me this lovely spinning tool, but she also sent me a whole bag of beautiful, soft roving! How very generous, I am incredibly grateful!

Hope you have had a lovely weekend.

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