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I have been spinning up so many rovings, trying to spin really thin to be able to ply two different yarns into a DK thickness. I have managed to succeed with this camel and tussah silk below. I am going to knit a pair of fingerless gloves with this yarn… oh the softness… can you imagine??? I have also been working on my Shalom Cardigan KAL I should be able to cast on the sleeves by the weekend and then by next Wednesday I will hopefully be finished! I can’t wait to wear it. I have decided that my next knitting project is either going to be the Tea Leaves Cardigan on Ravelry or the Hourglass Sweater, not sure which one yet, anyone out there knitted any of these and enjoyed them? Quite a lot of knitting has been happening around here, Erin has knitted herself a rainbow beanie hat in garter stitch. She knitted it flat and then sewed up the seam, I just love how it turned out. This skein she knitted with is one of the first skeins I ever dyed, so I am thrilled she chose it to knit a hat with, (kinda special don’t you think…)
I have also been doing quite a lot of book work, thinking up new patterns and ideas for my knitting book and enjoying the process.

What projects have you been working on this week?



These are my two knitting projects at the moment, my Shalom cardi and Jenna’s birthday cardigan. I love the tradition we have started regarding knitting a garment for a birthday in our family, it feels so special… Here is Erin’s cardigan I knitted in April this year. I am so enjoying knitting my Shalom, I have cast off for the arms and I am knitting down the length of the body. I think this will go fairly quickly, I worked out all the decreasing with my new stitch modifications for the armholes and it all worked out just fine. I also tried it on today and it fits perfectly!! I am so excited to wear it.
There is still time to join in the Shalom KAL if you are keen, people are joining up all the time:) Yay!

Jenna’s birthday cardigan is coming along nicely, I started knitting it on Friday and I am almost up to the sleeves:) I have until next Thursday to finish, I really love this organic handspun merino. I have ordered more so I can knit a cardi for Richard and Kye has also asked me to knit him one too:)

I think once I have finished these two cardigans, I am going to give the Hourglass Sweater a try from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, I am thinking a lovely burnt orange colour would knit up well:) Maby this could also be a KAL?

What are you busy knitting at the moment? Thanks so much for visiting my space:)


WIP Wednesday

A cold front has made its way up to Johannesburg and it is really freezing here tonight! We have got two fires going to try and warm up our home. Today is WIP Wednesday and this is what we have been busy with this week. Erin and Jenna have both finished their Middle Ages Blocks and so I thought this beautiful castle would be a fun paper craft for them to build. It really has turned out amazing and they loved constructing it together. I bought it from Book Depository with free shipping. There are even jousting knights, tents and people that can be placed anywhere on the castle grounds. It arrives in a book and the castle pieces are cut out, folded and glued together.

I am now onto the 4th round of the yoke of my Shalom, welcome to all the new people who have joined in the Shalom KAL, it is not too late if you would like to join:) You can just leave a comment and I will add you to the list here.

I have also been working on a custom order for a unicorn, I just need to add her horn and then she is ready to ship tomorrow. I have knitted her in the softest mohair, plied with a magical silver thread…

Our two sweet dogs snuggling up together to keep warm, wishing you all a wonderful day…


Knitting and Spinning

I have been busy with orders this week, so I haven’t made too much progress on my Shalom, but I am so excited that more people are joining the Shalom KAL:) There is still time for you to join in, if you would like to, just visit here. I have decided to add 4 pattern repeats on the yoke of my cardigan and this will give me a nice amount of stitches and a comfy fit. I am working from Frockfarie’s wonderful pattern notes for my Cardi, you must go and have a look at her beautiful Shalom. I have a Shalom thread on my Mamma4earth Ravelry Group for everyone to discuss their progress:)

I have also been spinning up this custom yarn for Linda. It is a Merino Silk skein, I really love the colourway, it was dyed by Feltstudiouk.

Oooh, and did I mention, I am working on a new toy pattern for an Alpaca:)

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