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Day Trip to Cullinan


Cullinan 2014















Photos by Erin

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year exactly since we visited the quaint town of Cullinan! We have a public holiday here  in SA today and I’ve really been feeling just the slightest tinge of cabin fever lately, restless….. Richard suggested we should go on a short day trip to Cullinan, I wasn’t too keen, you know how it goes, there’s always so much to do around the house that you think to yourself, ‘surely I should be staying home finishing off all the things that need to be done??’ Well we did go and once we were on the road, oh my goodness, it felt GOOD!

We had a wonderful day, went for lunch and popped in to all the antique shops to have a browse and ended up buying an old firegrate for our fireplace. We’ve been looking for a good solid one for ages…

I’m back home feeling refreshed and ready to tackle a new week. I have plans for our home, I want to paint the kitchen and give our lounge a makeover but for now, tea and a spot of knitting sounds good to me.

Happy Monday!


A Visit to Irene Dairy Farm

Last week we travelled through to Pretoria to visit our doctor with Jenna and on our way back we decided to pop in at Irene Dairy Farm for lunch. We haven’t visited there for a while and I wasn’t even expecting it to be open but what a lovely surprise when we arrived and it was! It’s the most picturesque place! Large rambling farmland and beautiful green fields for their cows. The scenery is really breathtaking.

We had a delicious lunch with mama chickens and their chicks scurrying around everywhere, (both on the tables and off, so sweet!) and then we walked up to see the young calves. As we walked back towards the main buildings all the cows were walking up from the fields, no one was with them, they just seemed to know that it was lunch time, all made their way to the watering hole and then into their cow shed, so wonderful!

They also have a shop there where they sell homemade produce and certified raw milk and cream, I really should have bought more, it was so sweet and delicious! Can’t wait to visit Irene again.

I hope you have had a lovely week.


The Vaal Dam, Floods and Cuckoos

Thank you so much to everyone who visited and left such lovely comments about my studio, I am very happy with this new space and it is lovely to have one room where all my things can fit so nicely:) Today we went on a short road trip to see the Vaal Dam. It is 105% full and is overflowing. All the residents in the surrounding areas have been safely evacuated approx 600 people. The water gushing out of the flood gates was amazing, so powerful and terrifying at the same time.

 A view from the bridge we were standing on.

We did manage to stop in at a quaint thrift shop and I saw this gravy boat, I just loved it AND I really need a gravy boat. I love that it has a base plate to catch the gravy that runs down the side, instead of the table cloth…

I finished spinning that rainbow superwash today and have started with another…

I have been hearing a strange bird call in our garden over the past week, today we discovered it was a Cuckoo…

I am so excited about this shot, it isn’t the greatest shot, I know, I think I was so over the moon when I saw what was happening that I couldn’t keep the camera still! This Robin on the right is feeding this large Cuckoo on the left. I have always heard how Cuckoos lay their eggs in other birds nests, in this case the Robin’s nest and are raised by birds other than their own mothers. To experience this today was an amazing gift from nature! In this photo above, the Robin had just fed the Cuckoo:)
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