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Peas and Beans…

Jenna has been making her first quilt over the last few months and today she finished the front of it, I love it, it’s so beautiful! (Proud mama here!) The heat continues to be incredible, but we just turn on the borehole sprinklers and head straight for the pool… I have also decided to start our mushroom growing kit, it has all been set up and apparently we will have mushrooms growing within 15 days! So exciting, I need to spray it a few times a day with cooled boiled water and that is all:)
Tonight we are making stew for dinner and I am adding broad beans from our garden, we picked most of the beans and quite a lot of peas too, it’s hard not to eat the peas though, they are so sweet! Tomorrow I will pick the rest of the bean and pea crop and freeze them. Thank you all so much for your comments about the jam. We ate some this morning and I must say I am VERY pleased with how it turned out, I wasn’t too sure about its consistency when I was pouring it into the jars, but this morning, I can spoon it onto my toast and it is lovely and thick, (but not too thick). I am also glad about putting it through the juicer because of the pulp it created, so no big pieces of fruit in the jam, the pulp has added an even texture. I am going to freeze the extra bottles and give some away as gifts. We are going to make more jam tomorrow too, I have discovered that another one of our mulberry trees has large and juicy fruit on its branches, I love all the preserving that is going on over here.


Our Tomato Harvest

We have been picking the most delicious tomatoes for the last few weeks and there are just so many of them, that I decided to make a wonderful tomato relish that I found on Soule Mama’s blog. I have made quite a few batches and packed them away into my freezer. All I need to do now when making a pasta is take a portion from the freezer and it’s all ready to use.

It really is a delicious relish, if you would like the recipe, just pop over to Soule Mama’s blog:

and it is all there for you to read.

Have a great week….

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