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Portrait Saturday

Nationwide throughout South Africa today, there is a fundraiser for Cancer research. Our older three children felt very compelled to donate from their own pocket money and show their support for this worthy cause. People were queueing up in their hundreds to donate funds and have their hair colour sprayed.
This mama’s heart is very happy that her three children felt so strongly about being a part of this wonderful process…

Wishing you all a wonderful and peaceful weekend:)


Portrait Saturday

Yesterday, a storm was brewing at sunset and we experienced the most amazing sky. Don’t you just love these tones of pink and orange? They make my heart feel a warmth that I can’t describe, it’s like a feeling of complete and utter contentment that I can feel at my core… Suddenly we were in the midst of a swallow migration. There were thousands of swallows circling the sky. They would leave and then fly back all at once as if their consciousness and thoughts were one… It was an amazing sight. You might be able to see some of them in the second photo…


Portrait Saturday and a small Giveaway…

This is an updated photo of our Sandy, now around 4 months old. She is the sweetest girl, so kind and wonderful with our children. Kye is resting with her on our library mat…
She loves to swim and jumps right into our swimming pool whenever the net is off.
We are so grateful to have this amazing dog in our lives.
Happy weekend to you all… xo

Small Giveaway:
I have 2 new extra copies of the most recent Ashford Wheel Magazine, if you would like a copy, just leave a comment with your email address, so that I can contact you and post them off. We will choose 2 winners on Monday:)

Giveaway Winners:

Anonymous said…

Would love to be added for the mag.

Jen from SewnNatural said…

what a warm and loving photo! would be tickled pink to see this lovely magazine 🙂 thanks!

Congratulations:) I will contact you for your postal details:)


Portrait Saturday, Sunset

Early dusk yesterday…
I had to photograph the sky, it was truly magnificant! I adore the colours of sunset… I can see how colour resonates within, healing and lifting one’s spirits…

Wonderful weekend to all:)

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