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Fairy Home Mushroom Knitting Pattern

Hi everyone, as promised here is the Fairy Home Mushroom Knitting Pattern:

It is so quick and easy to make if you start now you may be able to add them as stocking fillers for Christmas morning:)


I used handspun almost chunky yarn for this pattern…

Mushroom Cap:

Using a red yarn.

c/o 26 sts

rib for 2 rows (knit one stitch purl one stitch across both rows)

(*Knit 2 tog, knit 3 sts* across the row) and then at the end of the row  knit 2 tog knit 4 sts.(21 stitches)

Rib 1 row

(*Knit 2 tog, knit 2 sts* across the row) and at the end of the row knit 2 tog knit 3 sts.(16 stitches)

Rib 1 row.

(*Knit 2 tog Knit 1 sts* across the row) knit 2 sts at the end on the row. (11 stitches)

Rib 1 row

(*Knit 1 Knit 2 tog* across the row), knit 2 on the end.(8 stitches)

Rib 1 row

Knit 2 tog, knit 1, knit 2 tog, knit 1, knit 2 together (5 stitches)

For the last 5 stitches take a tapestry needle and thread the stitches onto

the needle and pull together, you can also sew down the seam to finish off

the mushroom cap on the wrong side and then turn it onto the right side.

Mushroom Stem:

Using cream yarn.

Knit as an i-cord

c/o 8 stitches

knit 14 rows and the cast off

sew in ends on the top, leave bottom open for stuffing, close base with a

circular piece of felt when finished stuffing the stem.


Using cream yarn.

Knit as an I-cord

c/o 3 sts

knit 5 rows

cast off and close the top of the chimney, attach the chimney to the

mushroom cap.

Finishing off:

Attach the roof to the top of the stem by sewing it together.
Cut a little door out of felt and sew onto the base of the stem to form a

If you would only use this pattern for personal use, and not commercial use, I would appreciate it 🙂

That’s it:) I would love to hear how your little mushroom homes knit up. I will be adding new variations over the next few weeks, so stop by…

Have a wonderful Festive Season,


Please note, this pattern is for personal use only, and not for resale, items knitted from this pattern may not be sold for commercial purposes, thank you.


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