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My New Mama Rainbow Pocket Gnome

This is my new Mama Rainbow Pocket Gnome. She is so sweet, she is knitted with pure Merino wool and is filled with Merino fleece.

She has an apron and a skirt that are interchangeable, so that when she is baking in her gnome kitchen under the old Oak Tree, she can wear her apron.

She is 7 inches tall from her feet to the tip of her gnome hat and warm and soft to the touch when held because of her natural materials that she has been made from.

She will be in my Etsy soon….


Rainbow Folk Pocket Gnomes

These are my new little Rainbow Folk Pocket Gnomes, I am going to be knitting a whole range of Rainbow Folk. They are knitted from pure Merino sheep wool that has been handspun and hand dyed and they are filled with pure fleece. They are 7 inches tall and just love to be carried around in someone’s pocket, there, they are always cosy and snug. Because of the natural materials that they are made with, they are soft and warm to the touch when held.

I have already started to stock them in my Etsy Shop and will be adding more over the next week. You can see them here:

Have a wonderful week….


The Brave Little Parrot

I have just finished reading through a wonderful book with my son, Caiden. It is called, ‘The Brave Little Parrot’, by Rafe Martin. It is a wonderful tale from Ancient India about a brave and determined little parrot. A raging fire threatens to burn down the forest where he lives. All the other animals run away in fear, but this one little brave bird is so determined to put out the fire and save their home. It is such an uplifting story and shows how just one deed of determination or kindness can make a difference in the world…

We loved the story so much that, I have made a Brave Little Parrot for Caiden and there will also be one looking for a new home in my Etsy shop soon.

Have a wonderful weekend…..


My New Project

This is my new little knitting spot and I love it. It is in a corner of our playroom. We have a spare bed that Richard pushed in front of the window and I bought these cushions and this colourful quilt on a sale. It is become such a comforting place for me to knit and also watch my chickens from the window….

This is my latest knitting project that I have been busy with since yesterday. It is a cotton dishtowel / washcloth that I have really enjoyed knitting….

And here is the finished product, I will be giving this to someone special this Christmas…..

In the new year I will be opening a second Etsy shop, my first one, Mamma4earth, will stock Waldorf Inspired Kintted Toys and my new shop will stock, cotton and wool creations for the kitchen, and delightful wool and cotton creations for babies and children….

I hope you are all enjoying your Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and your Summer Solstice in the South and may you all have a wonderful Christmas…

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