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Horse Knitting Pattern is in the Shop!

Yay! I am happy to announce that my horse knitting pattern is finished and in my Mamma4earth shopšŸ™‚
The pattern requires handspun or DK yarn and size 4mm straight knitting needles.Ā ItĀ is fairly easy, knitted in stocking stitch with increasing and decreasing. This horse is knitted flat with two needles. The pattern is very detailed and is 10 pages long with instructions and photos to guide you through the creation process. If knitted in a handspun yarn your horse will measure approx 7.5 inches / 8 inches from tail to nose.
Happy Thursday!
See you all tomorrow on Creative Friday:)


WIP Wednesday, Knitted Horse Pattern

This is my WIP at the moment, I have been working on a design for a knitted horse / unicorn / pegasus pattern… I have been trying to get the proportions just right and makeĀ his neck curve elegantly overĀ to compliment his hindquarters. Tomorrow I will add the mane and tail and then he will be finished. I have knitted him partly in the round here, but the pattern will be a flat knit with two needles. The pattern will also have instructions for a unicorn horn and eventually I will add wings as well for a pegasus. I should beĀ listing this patternĀ in my shop tomorrow as soon as he is finished…

Happy Wednesday šŸ™‚ xo

Easter and Spring Knitting Patterns & Tutorials from This Year and Last Year

Hi everyone, I thought I would blog all of my Easter and Spring patterns and tutorials here, some are from last year and others are from this year with more to follow in the next few weeks:)
Enjoy crafting and knitting:)


Easter Rabbit Pattern.

Knitted Easter Egg Pattern.
Easter Nest with Eggs Pattern (these eggs are half the size of my other eggs).
Easter Chicken. Soft Mohair Yarn
Easter Chicken Pattern.
Easter/Spring Robin’s Nest Tutorial
Bluebird Knitting Pattern.
Easter Gift Bag Tutorial.
Dandelion Knitting Pattern.
Easter / Spring Egg Cozy Pattern.
Ladybug Pattern.
Spring Mobile Tutorial.
Spring Knitted Snail Pattern.

Knitting Sheep, The Pattern Thought Process…

I have been working on a new sheep pattern, I love the process… thinking a pattern into a form…Ā 
I study photos of the animals I am designing, look at their shape, imagine their movement in my mind and think about how that would affect their musculature and overall appearance.Ā Then, I look to their jaw line, how it tapers and how it balances with the curve of their neck and back…

So today it was the sheep, I drew him, noticing how his neck and head extend outwards as if he is reaching forward to grasp something. His face also tapers very slightly downwards and upwards as if converging to a central point of meeting, at the muzzle or snout. The back legs are quite muscular compared to the front legs and the tummy section is quite a bulk of form. Even the little ears I have noticed after looking at many photos of sheep, actually stand a little out to the sides of his head and don’t hang straight down…

This is how I like to look at an animal before I design a pattern, once I have an understanding of their shapely detail I can imagine the stitches and convertĀ them to the written pattern instructions:)

Taking photos today was quite an interesting process, the chickens were intent on coming over to have a closer look at what I was doing…

The sheep…

He will be going into my shopĀ his patternĀ is already listed:) I have also added him to Ravelry, I am there as Mamma4earth.

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