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Early Easter morning….

This is my Ashford Spinning wheel, I bought it last year and I am slowly learning to use it. It is lovely and old. I really need someone to show me how to spin I think I have found someone, so that is great news. The tiny amount of spun wool you can see is my attempt and I really enjoyed spinning it, but I have plenty to learn…

I decided to try and do a natural dye with marigolds, here is my pot of marigold flowers. Jenna and Erin ran outside and collected plenty of marigols flowers and we put them in the pot. Soon a lovely browney-golden colour emerged. Wow! My friend Carle’ is such an inspiration, she sells her own naturally dyed wool, this is her website and she inspired me to try to dye some wool, and I had fun.

These are the wonderful colours that resulted from the marigolds, the skein on the right is natural pure wool and the piece on the left is how the organic wool took on the colour. Can you believe the difference?
Have a wonderful week…


Photos over the holidays

A beautiful rainbow

Some of our pumpkins that we harvested

Here are our first three little ones, Jen, Erie and Cady

Kye found his Christmas cracker

Our Christmas Family Lunch

Wishing you all a wonderful 2009!

Warm regards….


Days of Advent

We have moved our wreath, Kingdom Calendar and our Nativity onto a separate table. Each morning my children take turns to light the candle for this week for the mineral kingdom, another opens a window on the Advent calendar and another will have a turn to place one of the wooden figures at the nativity scene. They thouroughly enjoy this and love to see the nativity grow each day and to see which beautiful scene is hidden behind each window on the Advent calendar!

Enjoy your week….

We lit our first Advent candle on Sunday evening, it was very special!

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