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Cloth Pad Tutorial

As promised, here is our cloth pad tutorial:) I have taken plenty of photos so you can see exactly how Jen made her cloth pads. It was lovely to work together on this project with my Jen. She drew the designs for this pad herself and is so happy to share her creative process with you:)

Flannel material (we recycled some pyjamas that are no longer worn)
Towelling material for the inner pad
Sewing machine
Metal press studs and gadget to attach the press studs

These are the drawings for the towelling inner pad on the left and the outer flannel pad on the right. Jen drew both of them on an A4 size piece of paper. The left pad is 8 inches from top to bottom and the right pad is 8 and a quarter inches from top to bottom (slightly larger).

This is the pad base diagram, 9 inches from top to bottom and 8 inches from side to side at its widest in the middle.

Cut out cardboard templates for the pads.


Trace around the templates. You need 2 pad bases cut out.

And two of these pads covers cut out in flannel.


Trace and cut out 4 of the smaller towelling pads for the inner pad.


All the pieces cut out.

Sew all the 4 toweling pads together.


Then zig-zag around the edge.

Put the two right sides of the pad bases together and sew all the way around.


Just cut a straight line opening through one side of the pad base and turn onto the right side.


Zig-zag around the outer edge of the outer pad.


Put both of the pad cover pieces right sides together and sew all around the pad cover.

Cut a straight opening on one side of the pad cover.



Turn onto the right side.

Put the towelling inner pad into the pad cover.


Zig-zag all around the pad edge.

Finished pad base with sides and pad. Place the cut pad openings together so that they will not be visible when the pad is finished.

Cut pad openings are placed together and are not visible.

Sew two straight lines either side of the middle of the pad to secure the pad to the holder. The cut openings will also not be visible if you lift the pad on the sides as the pad has been sewn on either side of the middle.
Attach press studs to either side of the side flaps.

(Update, we have found that it’s probably better to sew around the pad edges to secure the pad instead of sewing the two straight lines in the middle of the pad as these lines may cause leakage)

And you are finished!!

Jen and I have spent wonderful mama daughter time together by making this tutorial, having many conversations about the menstrual cycle and all the other changes that are taking place too… I really feel that this is a wonderful way for her to transition into womanhood, slowly and mindfully… Have a lovely day,
xo xo
Linda and Jenna

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