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Christmas Wreath Ornament Tutorial

This is such a quick little project! I put it together the other night and was so excited to finish that I didn’t even take photos of the process. I really wanted to share this with you so Erin and I happily made a few more today. I just love them, I want to make plenty, in different colours! They are perfect to hang on door handles and even on you Christmas tree, all over the house in fact:)

1 wooden curtain rail ring
1 tiny pine cone
A small amount of green mohair yarn
A small amount of red mohair yarn

Roll the two yarns into one ball. Wind the yarn around the ring until the wood has been covered.

Once the wooden ring is covered, tie the red and green yarn around the ring and secure.

Thread the green yarn around the cone and secure so that it hangs inside the inner circle of the ring.

Tie both the green and red yarns from the small cone around the ring and tie into a sweet bow in front at the top of the wreath.

Our Christmas Wreaths, Erin made the beautiful purple and green one.

Happy crafting

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