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Seriously Charlie?

Lightbox Charlie

This is Charlie.

This is Charlie relaxing in my very fragile light-box.

Whilst rushing around today looking for something, I noticed an orange blur out of the corner of my eye. Charlie had managed to somehow nimbly maneuver his bulk onto the top of this counter and make himself quite at home inside my make-shift light-box. I know this box isn’t much to look at but it actually works really well and I would like to, I don’t know, preserve it, I suppose?  I do think he looks rather sweet, perched inside the opening as if this was the most natural thing to do in the world. I did tell him numerous times how very inappropriate it was that he made a bed in this particular place but all he gave me in return was a yawn and then he closed his almond eyes and drifted off to sleep.

In conclusion… Charlie is still enjoying his comfy spot in the light-box and isn’t ready to give it up, well not today at least.

I love my cats, there’s never a boring moment…


Portrait Saturday

Portrait Saturday1

We are having a lovely Saturday afternoon, Jenna and Erin have just returned from a bike ride, Richard has lit the braai (barbecue) and we are playing an exciting game of Uno. If you haven’t played this card game before, I can seriously recommend it, such fun!!!

Both of our sweet cats, Charlie and Delilah, are not too well at the moment. Charlie was attacked by a stray cat a few days ago, it was a vicious attack. Yesterday he had a lengthy surgery. He is home now with over 25 stitches and has 2 drains in his back. The poor boy is very uncomfortable and angry. We have attached mesh fencing to our front gate to try and keep this cat out, I hope it works. Our little Delilah has cat ‘snuffles’ and will be better soon.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend:)


PS If you would like to participate in Portrait Saturday, just leave your link in the comments:)


Our Days in Snapshots…

A new week has started and we have been rather busy over the last few days… Here are some snapshots of what we have been enjoying…
I love this crystal pendant that hangs in our classroom window, each morning we are greeted with the most beautiful rainbows before we begin our lessons…
I know… can you believe this sweet puppy… she still thinks she is a tiny baby pup that can fit on the top of the couch. This is where she waits for Richard to drive down the driveway each evening…
Sunday was Jenna and Erin’s first mountain bike race, The Dunblane March Hare Race, they rode 10km in 35 and 40 minutes! Yay… I will be joining them for the next one:)
I have been spinning up some Merino roving and thought I would ply this one, real peacock colours. (Have I ever told you I love rainbows…:)
Erin and Kye have been making the sweetest snowmen from clay. I love it when the older children do crafts with the younger ones…
Charlie… need I say more?
Oooh I must share the link to these amazingly beautiful gloves, they are a free pattern! Enjoy:)
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