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Our Days…

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments regarding the knitted dandelion:) The last few days have been fun and busy… Caiden is finishing off his Native American block so we are busy with crafts at the moment and possibly for the rest of the week. Today we made stick bread.  The bread was tasty and so filling too! He also made an Ojos de Dios that he enjoyed so much, it was almost like a meditation for him and he is busy making more… We will plant a Three Sisters Garden too. Any other suggestions would be appreciated for crafts:)

The view from our front door… Our Spring garden is in full bloom at the moment and we have been having the most amazing sunsets. In this photo above, we almost had rain, almost… (can’t wait for rain…)

We made this wonderful Apple Clafouti that we discovered on Jen’s beautiful blog Sewn Natural Studio It was quick and easy to make and oh my goodness, it was divine, everyone wanted More! Thanks Jen:)
I have some exciting news to share, I am busy putting together a book porposal for my book and I will be sending it off within the next couple of weeks, I made the final decision last night and I am so happy about this new journey… Hold thumbs!
PS Nicole over at Garden Mama is having a fabulous giveaway!

WIP Wednesday and a Book!

Quite a while ago we did some rennovations on our home and one of them was a workroom for me. We used to have an extra room with a jaccuzi in it that we never used. So we decided to let the jaccuzi go to a friend and turn the room into a workroom for me! I love this room, so much warmth and sunshine flowing through the windows… What I haven’t done yet is hang any curtains. So I decided to make Roman blinds myself and so far it is all working out! Thank goodness!
I have started with the smallest window in the room first, to see how it goes and I used this wonderful tutorial which really helped, and I can actually do this:) I even matched up the flowers on the side. ( Gasp)  Ok, I know I am going on and on, but I knit and haven’t really done much sewing,(which I am planning to change, I might add) and this blind actually fits the window, so there is hope for me as far as sewing goes…

I attached the lining and the tape for the strands of chord, now I just need to buy some wood for the bottom and the top and we are basically done:)


I have some exciting news…. ( drum roll…….)

Ok here it is….. I am entering a new chapter in my life…

My friend Heidi and I have decided to put our creative ideas together and write our first book!!
It will be a knitting book with many exciting inspirational ideas and patterns! We can’t wait to start putting it together. We will be chatting with our publishers soon and will keep you all updated.

Today is the last day for you to enter the NATURAL KIDS EARTH DAY PROMOTION GIVEAWAY, if you would like to enter please leave a comment here.

Thank you so much to everyone who visits here and leaves such wonderful comments:)


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