Day Trip to Fourways Farmers Market and some Baking

Fourways Farmers Market

Fourways Farmers Market7

Fourways Farmers Market1

Fourways Farmers Market2

Fourways Farmers Market3

Fourways Farmers Market4

Fourways Farmers Market5

Fourways Farmers Market6

Today we took a drive through to the Fourways Farmers Market, I’ve been wanting to visit there for ages and finally we went. It was amazing, lovely peaceful atmosphere with wonderful food and fabulous live music. There was a quaint garden where we could eat lunch sitting on squat wooden logs around small tables. Just Loved It!! We also managed to buy some grass-fed meat and some coconut flour cooking kits for biscuits and pizza bases that are totally gluten-free. I can’t tall you how wonderful I feel now that I’m no longer eating wheat, I just feel amazing! If you follow the Wheat Belly Facebook page you will be shocked at the transformation people are having just by giving up wheat, truly phenomenal! PS also discovered another nice blog for Paleo, Gluten-free and dairy-free recipes, it’s called The Spunky Coconut.


Richard and I went to put the chickens to bed and fetch the eggs, I feel so grateful each time we find these precious eggs in their laying basket, such wonderful gifts from our feathered girls.

photo 2

I’ve just discovered Paleo Magazine, downloaded it through the Zinio app on my iPad and made this divine chocolate fridge tart recipe today. I’m so pleased as well with how it turned out. It’s free from wheat and dairy and the kids loved it, what a bonus! Lovely magazine too, full or yummy recipes that are good for you and plenty of information too.

Happy Sunday to you:)

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2 Responses to Day Trip to Fourways Farmers Market and some Baking

  1. Emma November 24, 2013 at 11:34 pm #

    Looks like a great day out Linda.
    I’m currently on day 19 of the Whole30 (which I saw for the first time on your blog). Having some difficulty for breakfasts, any ideas? keeping in mind that it’s virtually impossible to get avocados or mangos here!! I won’t know for sure if it’s the wheat or something else I’ve stopped eating until I start re-introducing things but the dark puffy circles that I always have under my eyes (even after 8 hours of shut eye) have gone. If also feeling all ‘clean’ inside if that makes any sense.
    Having a difficult time finding coconut flour here too!!

    • Linda November 25, 2013 at 8:55 am #

      Hello Emma,
      That is so wonderful, well done!! You will start to see changes in how you look and feel, it’s truly wonderful! Breakfast doesn’t have to be breakfast, it can be soup, leftovers from the previous day. Is there perhaps an online shop where you can order coconut flour? It’s a pity about the avos though. Some lovely websites for breakfast idas are:
      Nom-Nom Paleo
      Against All Grain
      Everyday Paleo
      I also find breakfast ideas on Pinterest, if you just search Paleo breakfast or even Google for Whole30 blogs, so many people have documented their journey and give great ideas.
      I’m so happy for you that you have begun this journey, it will change your life, after what I’ve learned about wheat, I cannot eat it anymore and have no desire to either.

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