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We really haven’t done much in the way of growing veggies this winter season, we almost always have  plenty of black frost that usually wipes everything out, perhaps that’s what put me off even trying. That being said, the seeds in the earth from last years growing season had a mind of their own and self-seeded. This is the squash, happily growing in our kitchen planter, I’m not too sure what it’s going to be, any ideas?

Garden 076

Our Wild Ginger is flowering for the first time, it usually flowers in Spring… it’s still winter… The last seven winters have completely wiped this plant out each year and yet, now it’s blossoming? The seasons are changing for sure.

Garden 080

Garden 070

Our potatoes have also started coming up all over the place rather suddenly.

Garden 074

Garden 073

Blossoms and buds are appearing on most of our fruit trees, I actually can’t wait to get back out there and start planting. The days are lengthening as we reach towards the light of Spring, here in the south.

Hope you have a lovely start to your week…

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2 Responses to In the Garden

  1. Joanne Thomas August 6, 2013 at 12:08 am #

    Really enjoy seeing pictures of your garden. It’s beautiful and ever so green. Interesting about the ginger and the potatoes. I agree. Seems like our seasons are changing gradually each year.

    This year is my first garden in many years. There is no place to put a garden where we live. There is so much foliage, not enough sun coming through. Now I do have a garden at a Community Gardens at Luscher Farms, just about a mile away from us. The area that I have is 20’x20′ and James, my husband, and Adam, my younger son built a raised bed garden for me. I drew it out the way I wanted to, so there could be maximum growing space in that area and then we brought in composted and fertilized soil and the garden has been grand. I grew different types of lettuces and arugula and they have now been all eaten and given away to our neighbors. Everything bolted when we got a surge of hot weather. We are eating our last peas, lots of kolrabi left as well as rainbow chard and kale. I planted 15 starts of tomatoes, all different kinds, and we have one variety, an orange cherry tomato that is so sweet and we are picking daily now. Cucumbers are ripe and edemame pods are about an inch long. No eggplant yet, but the plant looks pretty. We also have leeks, onions, and carrots amongst the tomatoes. Could make a nice sauce out there. We also planted blueberry bushes in one section along with strawberries, and we are eating strawberries daily. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me to be part of vegetable gardening. I raised both boys in a different house where we had a very large garden in back. Such a nurturing feeling to be growing food and feeding the family. Makes me smile when you show pictures; brings back lovely memories for me.

    I bet those potatoes and ginger are going to be great this year!

    Talk to you soon,


  2. Jusa August 6, 2013 at 1:46 am #

    I feel so discombobulated when I read about your seasons. I can’t seem to get it through my head that you are the opposite of us in the northern hemisphere. To see so much happening in your garden now makes it all the more confusing. Since the little globes on your vine look yellow, I’d say it’s a summer squash, but it all depends on what you planted originally. Black frost isn’t a term I’m familiar with. In the US, we have light frost and heavy frost, even a hoary frost (not many people say that). It is fascinating to have a peak at the other side of the world. August is usually a hot, humid month, but right now it’s a perfect temperature and dewpoint, which seems odd. Has our hot weather shifted over to you?
    Thanks for sharing your garden with us.

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